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How is the paper core of high efficiency air filter made?

Time: 2022-07-18

High efficiency air filters are used to purify dust, bacteria and toxic and harmful substances in the air, and are widely used in marine, pharmaceutical and electronic industries. SFFILTECH reminds you that in order to ensure the performance and effectiveness of the HEPA filter, the production must be done in strict accordance with the process.


Pass the qualifiedhigh-efficiency air filterpaper through the light inspection device and check carefully, if pinholes, glass slag, straw foreign matter are found, they should be coated with latex in the area and repaired by using a small area of filter paper of the same material. There is a break in the filter paper need to be cut off, pick up qualified paper, seam when the paper will be cut flush, one side coated with latex, the other side of the spreading paste on the side coated with latex, gently pressed by hand, and then coated with another layer of latex on the seam, baked with an electric hair dryer, and then folded after the glue dries.



When folding the high efficiency air filter, first unfold the folding template on the workbench, put the filter paper qualified by light inspection on the folding template for folding, during the folding process, the folding template must be aligned with one side of the filter paper, folded along the ribs of the template, and the folded filter paper leaned on the fixed wooden board of the workbench. Then put the folded filter paper flat on the working table, withdraw the folding template, measure the size, and cut off the wide part of the filter paper.


Paper core

Draw a pink line at one end of the folded high-efficiency air filter core 15 mm from the edge, use this line as a reference, measure the required size, and draw a line at the other end. Then put the support partition inside the paper core, and put a support partition between each folded filter paperboard, and make the side of the sticky head paper at the bottom of the paper fold, and the position of the support partition should not exceed the line drawn. Put the cartridge with the support spacer on the jig, adjust it to the required size and fix it.



Before gluing, the width of the third and fourth folded paper is cut off appropriately, and then the glue is glued in the middle of the shortened two folds to make it stick tightly, and then the first and second folded paper is glued so that it is pressed on the top of the shortened two folded paper layer upside down and flattened with a scraper, and then the fifth folded paper layer is glued and pressed on the fourth folded paper layer, and then the sixth and seventh and so on until all of them are filled. The other end of the high efficiency air filter and this cabinet with the same irrigation method. In addition to the two ends of the surface gluing, the upper and lower two edges should also be glued. All the places that need to be filled with glue are filled twice.


Assembly point

Prepare the filter shell, cardboard, latex, homemade adhesive, kraft paper, etc. Brush the inner wall of the shell with a layer of homemade adhesive and let it dry. Glue a strip of paper of appropriate width and size. Insert the protruding part of the high-efficiency air filter first from the bottom of the cartridge between the first folded paper layer and the corrugated plate, and then apply latex evenly on the filter paper on both sides of the cartridge. Then stick the two long sides on the other two end faces of the cartridge and dry or dry.



SFFILTECH is a leadinghigh-efficiency air filter supplierin China and reminds you that the high efficiency air filter is the core of the whole purification system, and its filtration efficiency directly affects the purification effect of the whole system. In the process of making high efficiency air filter, the light test is to repair the pin holes, fold the paper evenly and reduce the wear and tear of the template on the paper, determine the size of the paper core, fill the glue evenly to ensure the size and the total assembly to ensure that the paper core and the shell form one, and ensure that there is no short circuit between the paper core and shell.

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