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High efficiency filter to determine the final resistance of high efficiency filter to consider several factors?

Time: 2022-12-30

High efficiency filter to determine the final resistance of high efficiency filter to consider several factors.

First of all,HEPA air filteris mainly used for capturing particulate dust and various suspended matter below 0.3um. The ultrafine glass fiber paper is used as filter material, each of which has been tested by the sodium flame method. It has the characteristics of high filtration efficiency, low resistance and large dust holding capacity.High efficiency air filter manufacturerscan be widely used in optical electronics, LCD liquid crystal manufacturing, biomedicine, precision instruments, beverage and food, PCB printing and other industries of dust-free purification workshop air supply end. High efficiency filter and ultra high efficiency filter are used at the end of clean room. In its structural form, it can be divided into: high efficiency filter with partition board, high efficiency air filter without partition board,high efficiency filterwith large air volume, super high efficiency filter and so on.

Two, to determine the final resistance to consider several factors. The final resistance is low, the service life is short, the long-term replacement consumption (filter consumption, artificial consumption, and give up treatment consumption) is correspondingly high, but the operation energy consumption is low, so each filter should have the most economic final resistance value. The dirtier the filter, the faster the resistance increases. Too high final resistance does not mean that the service life of the filter will be extended, too high resistance will make the air volume of the air conditioning system sharply reduced. High final resistance is undesirable.

Customers complain about the short service life of filters: mainly caused by several reasons.

1, the filter material area of the filter is too small or the unit dust capacity is too small.

2, the filter efficiency of the pre-filter is low.

3. Users have seen high service life of the filter

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