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High efficiency air filter characteristics and use precautions?

Time: 2022-12-07

Hepa filter is a kind of air filter with good filtering effect and fine filtering precision, which plays an important role in the filtration industry. This article will introduce the characteristics of high efficiency air filter, use precautions, and recommend Shanghai SFFILTECH air filter manufacturer reputation is very goodhigh efficiency air filter manufacturers.

First, the characteristics of high efficiency air filter

1, high efficiency air filter can filter below 0.5um particulate dust and a variety of suspended matter, filtering effect is very good.

2, the filter material and partition material of high efficiency air filter are very stable, good corrosion resistance, moderate hardness and will not crack.

3. High efficiency air filter has low filtration resistance, large dust capacity and high filtration efficiency.

4, the application of high efficiency air filter is very wide, often used in optical electronics, precision instruments, LCD liquid crystal manufacturing, biomedicine and other industries of dust-free purification workshop.

Two, the selection of high efficiency air filter precautions

1, in the selection of high efficiency air filter, to fully consider the filtration efficiency, rated air volume, filtration resistance and dust capacity, etc.

2, in the test of high efficiency air filter, the main reference data standard is: filtration efficiency ≥99.9% or the particle size ≥0.1μm particle count transmission rate ≤0.001%, meet the above criteria, is the high efficiency air filter.

3, the selection ofhigh efficiency air filtershould meet the requirements of fire prevention, high efficiency air filter is divided into different grades according to the degree of fire resistance: first is all materials are not flammable, two refers to the filter material is not flammable, but the partition and the frame is flammable.

4, the selection of high efficiencyair filter, its initial resistance shall not exceed 10% of the product sample resistance.

5, general high efficiency air filter can not be used alone, generally set at the end of the purification system, there should be a primary filter in front of the air for initial filtration.

6, high efficiency air filter according to its structure and characteristics are divided into partition high efficiency filter, no partition high efficiency filter, V-BED high efficiency filter and high temperature resistant high efficiency filter, according to the actual situation and requirements of the selection of suitable filters.

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