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Fan unit filter: fan and HEPA filter “group CP”?

Time: 2022-03-01

We know that the fan is used for ventilation, it can continuously circulate the air in the room where it is located, and play a role in many fields and scenes: the target object of thehigh-efficiency filteris particulate dust and various suspended substances then. When the fan is combined with the high-efficiency filter, what kind of existence does it exist? The fan unit filter was born.


What exactly is a fan unit filter?


Recently, with the air pollution in the home, fans, high-efficiency filters,fan unit filters, etc. have begun to appear frequently in our sight. When it comes to fans and filters, many people are familiar with them, and they may be a little confused when it comes to fan unit filters. It’s actually quite simple to explain.

The fan unit filter, which we often call FFU, is a filter and purification device that combines a fan with a high-efficiency filter or an ultra-high-efficiency filter and has its own power. It is an essential tool for realizing the ideal cleanliness of clean rooms, semiconductor and biological clean rooms.

The “girls” in the clean market – fan unit filters

The fan unit filter is one of the quietest and best-priced units in the clean market, and it can be called a “girlfriend”.

Although the fan unit filter occupies a small space, it is a modular device, which can get rid of the limitation of the place and make it possible to adjust according to needs. In addition, the fan unit filter also has the characteristics of uniform and stable air output. The use of the fan unit filter can not only deliver high-quality air to the clean room, but also reduce operating costs.

More possibilities are created when the fan unit filter is linked to the computer. Under the control of the computer, the fan unit filter will run a large amount of return air in a small cycle, and it is maintained at a certain custom, because the output is uniform, the resistance of the air passing through the filter becomes smaller, and the energy saving effect is remarkable. Improve its overall efficiency.

It is worth mentioning that, regardless of the fact that the fan unit filter is composed of various equipment, if the enterprise has the need for ventilation and purification, you may wish to install the fan unit filter directly. Because there is no need to make air ducts, the fan unit filter can be shortened. The construction period, the rapid start of construction brings benefits.

In addition, the fan unit filter has high flexibility and is not restricted by the area. Energy saving and maintenance free.

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