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F9 medium effect air filter use method?

Time: 2023-04-14

f9 medium efficiency air filter is suitable for intermediate filtration of air conditioning system. It will not be deformed, cracked or twisted under normal operating environment. The tight adhesion between filter material and outer frame prevents any air leakage. It is characterized by large air volume, low resistance and high dust capacity. As an ideal medium effect filter, bag medium effect filter is used in humid, high airflow and large dust load environment. Medium effect bag filter material has two kinds of chemical fiber and glass fiber, bag filter after the market, they are widely used in pharmaceutical, automobile and food manufacturing industry, what are the specific characteristics? (Shanghai F9 pockter air filter manufacturer)
Air filter is recognized by more and more people, it improves air quality and ensures people’s health, and has been widely used, such as medicine, food and other industries are inseparable from all kinds of efficiency filter
f9 Medium effect air filter Features:
1) Use: Mainly capture 1-5um dust particles
2) Outer frame: aluminum alloy, galvanized frame, etc
3) Filter material: non-woven fabric or glass fiber
f9 medium effect pockter air filtermarket, they in pharmaceutical, automotive and food manufacturing industries, commercial buildings and a variety of industrial and ventilation system applications, have successfully proved that their value and performance to improve the industry standards, the company has a variety of levels of medium effect filter material for customers to choose, customers can choose different filter material and size according to different working environment, To ensure the effective operation of the filtration system. (Shanghai F9 air filter manufacturer)
Advantages of bag filter:
1, simple structure, convenient maintenance.
It is very common for a piece of equipment to be damaged in the process of use. Take thepockter filterfor example, it will also fail when in use, but fortunately, its structure is relatively simple. If there is a fault, it does not need more professional staff for maintenance, we can view and maintain by ourselves. Once opened may not be installed back, that also mention what self maintenance ah.
2. Excellent quality
Bag filter is a relatively advanced filter equipment in the market at present, its quality is superior. In the process of use, we can not worry about what big failure of the equipment, the use of is relatively stable, as long as we pay attention to regularly check whether the parts wear, if there are problems found in time to replace, I believe there will be no big problems later.
3. Affordable price
Bag filter is used in the factory is more common, for the equipment price I believe we are more concerned. However, the production cost of this device is relatively low, so the sales price is naturally more affordable, we can rest assured to buy and use. Of course, we also do not worry about the quality of the equipment, although the price is low but the use of the effect is better.

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