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Dust bag how to prevent filter bag hardening?

Time: 2023-03-31

Dust bag is a part of the dry dust filter device, suitable for capturing small, dry, non-fibrous dust. Different industries have different regulations on dust emission standards. According to the different properties of dust and the production characteristics of various industries, the filter bags used by various industries are different.

Usually refers to the phenomenon that the air containing water precipitates saturated water under a certain pressure and temperature, and the temperature point of precipitation is the dew point. When the moisture content of the air is constant and the temperature of the humid air is lower than the dew point temperature, water will be precipitated in the supersaturated air, forming condensation phenomenon. (Dust collection bag manufacturer)

If the flue gas temperature is below the dew point, but the difference is not significant, thebag dust collectorcan still be used. However, the flue gas needs to be heated. But in this case, the energy consumption is too high, and the price of electric heating is more expensive. In addition, there is a more cost-effective method, is far infrared heating, heating only water, not air, thus saving energy. (Dust collection bag manufacturer)

The operating temperature of the dust removal equipment should be at least 20℃ higher than the dew point of the blue eye. When dealing with high temperature flue gas, the cooling degree should be properly controlled.

If the flue gas temperature is approximately the same as the dew point temperature, then the dust collector housing needs to be equipped with a heater, supplemented by insulation. In addition, heating measures were taken on the intake pipe of the dust collector to achieve better results. (Dust collection bag manufacturer)

The operating temperature of the dust collector must be more than 20℃ higher than the dew point temperature of the flue gas. Once the flue gas condenses on thefilter bag, it will cause the dust layer on the filter bag to stick and become hard, resulting in the rapid increase of the operating resistance of the filter bag, affecting the normal operation of the system. More importantly, the SO3 in the flue gas will react irreversibly with water to produce H2SO4 sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid will continue to act as a desiccant on the filter bag or dust, and then oxidize and corrode the filter bag and equipment metal parts. Therefore, when purifying the flue gas at the tail of the combustion process, attention must be paid to controlling the temperature of the flue gas to prevent the flue gas condensation. In use, the gas should be prevented from becoming cold in the bag chamber.

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