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Does fresh air high efficiency filter filter harm the human body?

Time: 2023-06-09

With the requirements of air environmental protection, air filters have been popularized to factories, enterprises, all aspects of life, and high efficiency filters belong to the terminal filtration, the entire purification system has a very important role, because of the wide range of uses so fresh air high efficiency filter filtration classification is very complete, the use of air filters in the workshop environment for the human body has no harm? One by one for your detailed explanation:

Fresh air high efficiency filter filtration

Fresh air high efficiency filter filter is mainly used to capture 0.3um below particulate dust and a variety of suspended substances, using ultrafine glass fiber paper as filter material, offset paper, aluminum film and other materials as a partition board, and wood frame aluminum alloy glued together, using special silica gel, no odor, the surface will not be hard, long time will not have cracks, chemical stability, corrosion resistance, It can absorb the stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction without cracking, moderate softness and hardness, and good elasticity recovery.  (Shanghai SFFILTECH Air Filter Manufacturing Factory)

The use of fresh air high efficiency filter H11 H12 is good for the human body, and many employees who often work in the dust-free workshop often have questions: Often work in the dust-free workshop, the air inside will not affect the human body? The answer is of course no, we all know that the air in the dust-free workshop is mainly sent to the room after the filtration of the high efficiency air filter at the end, and the air said by the staff mainly refers to the air filtered by the high efficiency air filter. (Shanghai SFFILTECH Air Filter Manufacturing Factory)

The high efficiency filter itself is made of extremely fine glass fiber paper, and its filtration accuracy can reach 99.99% filtration of 0.3um or more, that is to say, most of the dust that can be seen and can not be seen in the atmosphere, including bacterial carriers, are filtered out before being sent to the interior of the dust-free workshop, and the air absorbed by the staff is actually much cleaner than the outside world. Therefore, high efficiency air filters (H13 Disposable HEAP Filter)  are generally good for the human body. (Shanghai SFFILTECH Air Filter Manufacturing Factory)

Fresh air high efficiency filter filtration

Air Filter is recognized by more and more people, it improves air quality and ensures people’s health, and has been widely used, such as medicine, food and other industries are inseparable from all kinds of efficiency filter (Shanghai SFFILTECH air filter manufacturing factory)

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