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Combined Activated Carbon Filter | V-Type Activated Carbon Filter

Time: 2022-04-21

The combined activated carbon filter is also called V-type activated carbon filter, mainly using granular activated carbon such as coconut shell activated carbon, columnar activated carbon, etc., which is evenly poured and sealed in a specific honeycomb base material, and paper frame, aluminum alloy can be used around it. Frame or stainless-steel frame, etc.Activated Carbon V Bank Filter Factoryintroduced that their products have the characteristics of high activated carbon content, strong adsorption capacity and long service life. The combined activated carbon filter is specially used to deal with peculiar smell and pollution in the air, and is widely used in air filtration in air-conditioning and ventilation places. The activated carbon filter material contains 100% surface adsorption capacity, which can effectively remove a large amount of odor and harmful gases.


Combined Activated Carbon Filter Characteristics

1.) Activated carbon is made of coconut shell, with tetrafluoride activity greater than 60%;

2.) The polysorb activated carbon mesh used in the filter has 100% surface adsorption capacity

3.) The outer frame can choose waterproof paper plate, galvanized iron frame and stainless-steel frame.

4.) Activated carbon materials of different materials can be selected according to environmental requirements, such as: activated carbon particles, activated carbon non-woven fabrics, activated carbon foam and plate activated carbon filters; Made by customer request.


Product Configuration of Combined Activated Carbon Filter

The filter material is treated with granular activated carbon through a special chemical formula

Frame Material: ABS plastic frame, galvanized frame, stainless steel frame, etc.

Component one consists of 8-10 active filters.

A 25mm thick box is filled with 4.0 particles of activated carbon, and the two sides are pasted with non-woven fabrics.


Combined Activated Carbon Filter Application

1.) It is suitable for removing peculiar smell (bad odor) and harmful gas in the air in chemical, electronic, pharmaceutical, food, hospital and other industries.

2.) It is used to remove high-concentration acid, alkali and organic compound gases in the air and various harmful gases in the air, such as volatile organic compounds, acidic and alkaline gases, formaldehyde, mercury vapor, and radioactive gases.


Scope of Application of Combined Activated Carbon Filter

1.) Air filtration in public places such as airports, hospitals (such as wards for patients with respiratory diseases), office buildings, etc., can effectively remove odors in the air and has the advantage of saving energy.

2.) Museums, archives, libraries and other places, remove Sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and other polluting gases in the air protect the collection from damage.

3.) The central control room of chemical, petrochemical, steel and other enterprises is used to protect precision instruments from corrosive gases.

4.) Semiconductor and microelectronics manufacturing enterprises, remove “molecular-level pollutants” (Airborne Molecular Contamination, AMC) to improve product quality and protect personnel health.

5.) Reduce odor in the experimental animal room, improve the quality of experimental animals, and protect the atmospheric environment.

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