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Can the primary filter and medium filter of air conditioning unit be cleaned?

Time: 2023-02-17

Some filters can be cleaned and recycled. These filters are usually made of a heavier casing and some fabric or synthetic filter material. However, many specializedair filtersin modern industry and transportation are made of very durable materials, and filters with “cardboard or paper” enclosures cannot be cleaned and are truly disposable filters. Hepa-grade filters are usually not recyclable because of the special materials used and the high liability. If the air filter is cylindrical or flat and uses a metal or plastic casing, then most of it is recyclable.

Can withstand several rounds of cleaning. Some air filters are not easy to clean. Filters used in HVAC(clean room workshop) and paint shop are not strong enough to withstand some of the processing required for filter recovery. (Shanghai high efficiency air filter manufacturer)

Each approach has its supporters. Proponents of dry methods focus on filtration efficiency. They believe that air filters can reach their maximum efficiency only after the cake is formed on the filter medium. The dry process does not remove all the cake, so the recovered filter has a higher initial efficiency than the new filter. The dust deposited on the filter will fill the large holes in the filter material, making the filter more efficient. (Shanghaihigh efficiency air filter manufacturer)

Proponents of the wet method focus on dust capacity and design efficiency. A lot of dust will be removed during the wet wash. The more dust is removed, the more dust is captured by the recovered filter. Because the filter material is unchanged, the efficiency is the same as the factory setting. The more particles are removed, the more dust the cleaned filter will trap, so it won’t need to be replaced as often.

Both views have their merits. The efficiency of the air filter will indeed become higher after use. As the filter traps particles, more and smaller particles are trapped as the larger hole is partially filled. The purged air filter cannot completely remove the particles packed in the filter material, and some holes are partially blocked. When the filter is put into use again, these partially filled pores will prevent certain smaller particles from passing through. On the other hand, the particles that stay on the filter are part of the total dust capacity of the filter. The wet process removes more dust, is lighter and has faster air flow rates than dry cleaning filters.

While comparing the differences between the two approaches, there are other issues to consider. The cost of the process itself may be a factor. Dry cleaning equipment can be used in the field, while with the wet process, the filter must be shipped out of the plant. Wet washing companies require more procedures, and no complete set of equipment can be bought and used in the factory. (Shanghai high efficiency air filter manufacturer)

Other costs include the human cost of replacing the filter. Dry cleaned filters are replaced more frequently because their dust capacity has decreased, and air filter engineers often say “don’t clean filters, they are disposable”. This seems to represent environmental concerns rather than technical ones. Juniorhigh efficiency air filterbelongs to consumables, about whether it can be cleaned this problem, is a problem of great concern to the user, now confirm a point in advance: Junior high school filter can be cleaned frequency control in (2-3 times) will not significantly affect the use ofhigh efficiency filterjust completely can not be cleaned, only the whole replacement, then this article can be cleaned air filter for industrial equipment supporting air filter, the whole is made of stainless steel or other durable materials, And the general clean room air filter material is completely different, the cost of this filter is higher, because whether it can be cleaned will determine the large proportion of the cost that the manufacturer should bear, so that there are two ways to recover the air filter. One is the commonly used “dry method”, using air vibration method cleaning. The other, less commonly used, is called the “wet method.” As the name implies, the wet process uses water to force trapped particles away from the filter. Wet-cleaned filters need to be dried before being reused. Both methods are used in the United States and other countries

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