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Bag filter bag material what kind of how to choose?

Time: 2022-10-28

Bag filter filter bag a kind of new structure, small volume, easy and flexible operation, energy saving, high efficiency, enclosed operation and applicability of the multi-purpose filter type air purification equipment, bag filter is a new type of filtration system, the characteristics of its large volume are popular with companies, what specific bag filter filter bag material? Shanghai SFFILTECH Industrial Co., LTD.

Bag filter bag materials mainly include: chemical fiber non-woven fabric, synthetic fiber and glass fiber.

A, chemical fiber non-wovenfilter material:

Chemical fiber non-woven filter material is the biggest advantage of cheap and fine, mainly can be used in the air cleanliness requirements are not too high in enterprises. The main material of chemical fiber non-woven filter material is non-woven, non-woven is the most common kind of filter material, compared with other filter material, the main advantage of non-woven fabric is stable quality, long service life, economic benefits. Of course, non-woven filter material also has the disadvantage of high resistance, non-degradable, but with the non-woven production technology into the mature, production costs are getting lower and lower, non-woven filter material in the air filter industry still has an unshakeable position.

Two, synthetic fiber filter media:

Synthetic fiber filter material is a new type of filter material only appeared in recent years, the advantages and scope of use and non-woven fabric has a lot of similarities, but to solve the non-woven fabric filter material resistance is larger shortcomings, is a non-woven fabric filter material substitute.

Three, glass fiber filter material:

There are many types ofglass fiber filter material, the corresponding production process is also more complex. The main advantages ofglass fiber filter materialare good filtering effect, long service life, high temperature resistance, green environmental protection. It is applied to enterprises with higher requirements for air cleanliness(glass fiber filter material manufacturer). At present, the price of glass fiber filter material is relatively the most expensive.

Businesses in the procurement, according to different needs, choose the corresponding material bag filter bag material.

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