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Aluminum frame filter, washable screen, first effect washable filter knowledge?

Time: 2022-10-14

Aluminum frame filter, washable screen, first effect washable filter knowledge?

The sterilizer is composed of a high intensity ultraviolet lamp and a filter system, which can effectively filter out dust in the air and kill microorganisms in the air of the sterilizer. The sterilizer is mainly composed of a filter, a high intensity ultraviolet sterilizer, an electrostatic adsorption device, a negative oxygen ion generator, a fan, a timer and a housing. Filter dust removal bacteria to physically filter the dust and microorganisms in the air(Aluminum frame filter), with ultraviolet light for air disinfection. At the same time effectively prevent dust on the ultraviolet lamp radiation intensity of the influence. The filter of sterilizer can be cleaned and reused, convenient and effective. High intensity ultraviolet sterilization using low ozone ultraviolet lamp combination into a radiation intensity of 10000μw/cm2 above the high intensity ultraviolet sterilization device, indoor air in the action of the fan, circulation through the ultraviolet radiation area and be disinfected. The programmed timer can control the sterilizer to start and shut down automatically according to the set time. The programmed controller can be adjusted by opening the cover of the machine by hand. According to the need of environmental disinfection, the program control timing and remote control timing are adopted. Program-controlled timing is generally used for pre-disinfection at a fixed time every day, and remote control timing is generally used for continuous disinfection or temporary boot disinfection when someone is active.

The largest application of air filtration (Aluminium Mesh Pre-filter

)is in production workshops, followed by commercial and industrial buildings. In addition, the filtration equipment is also commonly used in the following occasions: clean room; Copy equipment; Indoor air purifier; Anaesthetic gas filtration equipment; Application of laser surgery; hvac system (heating, ventilation andpre airconditioning system); Thermostatic chamber; Computer printer; Studio air filtration system; Air conditioner, etc. Air quality requirements vary greatly from factory to factory. Plants equipped with fume hoods and pollution control equipment require a large amount of air to be replenished. If the plant is located in an area where ambient air is contaminated, the replenished air must be filtered before it is distributed to the workplace.

Product parameters

Standard size: 610*610*292mm.

Filtration efficiency: 99.97% at 0.3um.

Treatment air volume: 4100 m3/h.

Pressure loss: 249pa.

Frame material: galvanized iron frame, aluminum alloy frame.

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