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3 Tips for Air Filter Replacement

Time: 2022-07-01

If you want to keep respiratory diseases and allergens away, it is vital to keep the air in your usage environment clean.


What can we do to keep the air clean in the environment we use?


The answer from SFFILTECH is to change the air filters regularly. Air filters are the cleaning devices in HVAC systems; they work by drawing air into the filter, trapping irritants and contaminants and preventing them from circulating. The effectiveness of air filters depends on several factors, including their physical condition. Therefore, they must be replaced every 30-90 days.


01.) What type of filter is needed?

Faced with a wide range of air filters, you may be overwhelmed. SFFILTECH-A professionalhepa filter suppliercan help you choose the right filter; you only need to consider the following factors.

▪The clean purification standard required by the use scenario

The dust content and particle characteristics of the air in the application, the nature of the dust gas contained

▪Filter characteristics

Consider a higher quality air filter for domestic use, or for environments with high air cleanliness requirements. Consider the MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating before selecting an air filter – the lower the MERV rating, the less effective the air filter will be.

SFFILTECH provides competitive, safe and reliable products, solutions and services to customers in the fields of communication network, thermal power industry, painting industry, semiconductor and rail transportation, etc. We are open to cooperate with ecological partners to continuously create value for customers.


02.) Get the right size

Incorrectly sized air filters do not work for cleaning. Improper sizing can cause contaminants to sneak around the equipment and into the usage scenario. You can prevent this from happening by purchasing the right size filter. Before purchasing an air filter, open your unit and check the size of the old filter. If the size is not written on the filter, measure it. You can also contact SFFILTECH to help you find the right one.


03.) Change it regularly

Changing the air filter regularly will ensure clean air. As with the type of filter you need, your replacement schedule will depend on the conditions of the environment in which it is used – the average industrial production site will require more frequent filter changes. When selecting a filter, check its rating; a lower MERV rating has a shorter service life than a higher MERV rating. SFFILTECH focuses on producing high quality air filters for customer peace of mind.

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