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Where is the air handler with medium efficiency filter generally used?

Час: 2022-07-25

Intermediate efficiency filter in the air filter belongs to F series filter. F series intermediate efficiency air filter is divided into two kinds of bag type and non-bag type, where the bag type includes F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, non-bag type includes FB (plate type intermediate efficiency filter), FS (partition type intermediate efficiency filter), FV (combination type intermediate efficiency filter).

F5, F6, F7, F8, F9 are filtration efficiency (colorimetric method)

F5: 40~50%.

F6: 60~70%.

F7: 75~85%.

F8: 85~95%.

F9: 99%.

Medium-effect air filter, generally used again in the ventilation system, behind the primary-effect, in front of the high-efficiency. Rarely used alone. The general complete ventilation system contains a primary filter, medium-effect filter, (sub-efficient filter commercial office use) high-efficiency filter, return air system has a primary filter, medium-effect filter.

Generally commonly used chemical molecular air treatment device inside the primary filter, chemical filter, primary filter,medium-effectairfilter.

Mainly used in the central air conditioning ventilation system intermediate filtration, pharmaceutical, hospital, electronics, food, and other industrial purification.

It can also be used as the front-end filtration of high-efficiency filtration to reduce the load of high-efficiency over-consideration and prolong its service life.

Because of the large windward surface, so the air dust volume is large and the wind speed is low, it is considered to be the best intermediate filter structure at present.

Use places: Around the two major purposes of human comfort and functionality of industrial production,Medium-effect air filters are used in.

1,Office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, airport terminals and all other buildings equipped with central air conditioning systems.

2,Pharmaceutical plants, chip factories, electronic product factories and other factories with high requirements for clean production environment.

3,Installed in household electrical products, mainly installed in.

a,Household air conditioners: window units, split units, cabinet units, ceiling units in.

b,Air purifiers, also known as air fresheners in.

c,In vacuum cleaners.

d,In exhaust fans or ventilation fans.

e,Off-exhaust hoods.

4,Installed in the car air conditioning system, of course, including small cars, buses.

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