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What is a nylon primary filter and what are its characteristics?

Час: 2022-08-19

Now our living environment is gradually deteriorating, many consumers are calling for the protection of the environment, there are many ways to protect environmental health, the use of filter equipment is one of them, there are many consumers in the process of using filter equipment for its various knowledge points is not very well understood.Nylon primary filter is one of the applications in our life and industry. Today, we briefly introduce the knowledge of nylon primary filter.

What is a nylon filter.

Nylon filters are mainly made of PP fibre textile moulded into one. Alkaline, good corrosion resistance. Low resistance, can be washed repeatedly and is extremely economical. Captured lengths of fibres and dust particles are easily cleaned and the filtration efficiency is not affected by cleaning. Good impact resistance. The filter material is a black nylon mesh made of PP material. Alkaline and corrosion resistant, it can be cleaned repeatedly and the filtration efficiency is not affected by cleaning. Generally designed as a double layer nylon mesh with wire support structure, the outer frame can be designed as a galvanised iron frame or aluminium frame.

The adsorption capacity of the нейлон першасны фільтраваць has a great relationship with the external temperature change, within a certain temperature range, the higher the temperature the faster the adsorption of the filter, but the temperature is not the higher the better, the temperature is too high will also damage the structure of the nylon filter. The ideal adsorption area is slightly larger than the area of the adsorbed molecules, but if the adsorption mesh is larger, it is difficult to enter the adsorbed material, and the unit area of the filter will be reduced by a lot, which means that the smaller the unit area is, the adsorption capacity of the equipment will be reduced immediately after.

Асноўныя характарыстыкі в nylon primary filter:

1, imported polyamide monofilament fiber woven filter material, wear-resistant, high strength, long life, comprehensive use of good results

2, high dust collection rate, low initial resistance, strong dustproof performance, can be repeatedly cleaned and used

3,The ultra-thin aluminum alloy profile frame can be made into a group type with interconnecting handles, easy and safe to replace.

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