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Якія характарыстыкі рукавнога паветранага фільтра сярэдняга эфекту F9?

Час: 2022-07-26

Intermediate efficiency bag filter can be used for intermediate filtration of air conditioning system to protect the next - level filter in the system and the system itself. In places where the requirements for air purification cleanliness are not strict, the air treated by the intermediate efficiency filter can be sent to users directly. Bag filter adopts high quality synthetic fiber or imported glass fiber as filter material, aluminum alloy profile outer frame, internal spraying cold-drawn wire support frame. So what are the advantages and characteristics of themedium efficiency bag air filter,SFFILTECH will introduce them to you.

The advantages of medium efficiency bag air filter

1、Large dust holding capacity.

2、Small resistance, large air volume.

3、easy to install the product.

4、The color is light yellow and white.

5、Suitable for pharmaceutical, electronic, food, hospital, cosmetics, semiconductor, precision machinery, automotive.

The characteristics ofmedium efficiency bag air filter

1、Capture 1-5um particles of dust and various suspended matters.

2、Adopt hot fusion process, stable structure, reduce the risk of breaking leakage.

3、Large air volume.

4、Low resistance.

5、High dust capacity.

6、Can be used repeatedly for cleaning.

7、Type: frameless type and framed bag type.

8、Filter material: special non-woven or glass fiber.

9、Efficiency: 60%~95%@1~5um (colorimetric method).

10、Maximum temperature and humidity for use: 80℃, 80%.

F9 medium-effect bag air filter, the outer frame is high-quality galvanized frame or aluminum alloy frame. the filter material of F9 medium-effect bag air filter is glass fiber, non-woven fabric.SFFILTECH's F9 medium efficiency bag air filter is produced with materials that meet international standards. It is suitable for intermediate filtration in pharmaceutical, electronic, food, hospital, cosmetic, semiconductor, precision machinery, automotive and other industries.

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