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Сем тыпаў першаснага фільтра з алюмініевай рамы і тры перавагі!

Час: 2023-08-07

Сем тыпаў першаснага фільтра з алюмініевай рамы і тры перавагі!

Aluminum frame primary filter can effectively solve indoor air pollution, such as dust and other effective disposal, to provide more fresh air, as a primary filter is an indispensable part of the purification system in different industries, in order to meet the use of different enterprises, the primary filter classification complete specifications can also be customized, specific one for you in detail:

Aluminum frame primary filter

Aluminum frame primary filter classification is divided into seven varieties, respectively: nylon mesh primary filter, primary air filter metal mesh primary filter, high temperature resistant primary filter, plate primary filter, folding primary filter and paint fog filter, their filtration levels are G1, primary filter products G2, G3, G4.

The aluminum frame primary effect filter has the characteristics of low initial resistance, easy replacement, high economy and long service life. It is generally used for primary filtration of air conditioning system, clean room return air filtration, and local high-efficiency filtration device pre-filtration. The outer frame is strong and removable, using a solid plate aluminum alloy frame, with aluminum alloy Angle or plastic Angle, the structure is strong and stable, to ensure that the filter will not be deformed or damaged in a bad working environment, the outer frame is detachable design, convenient replacement of filter material to achieve the purpose of frame reuse, the specific use of advantages can be divided into the following three points:

1, effectively prevent the appearance of stains around the air supply outlet of the air conditioner, and prolong the service life of the equipment;

2, in different grades of clean rooms to play the corresponding standard requirements, clean room if you want to reach a certain level of cleanliness, it is necessary to install the primary filter, about the air entering the room for effective filtration;

3, regarding the serious ash accumulation in the fan, heat exchanger, pipeline and other components to be disposed of, but also the effect of removing odor.

Aluminum frame primary filter

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