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Replaceable primary filter outer frame detachable large dust capacity long life

Час: 2023-02-12

In the primary air filter process, the dragon skeleton primary filter is recommended as a replaceable primary filter, using the parent frame support, frame can be used aluminum frame or galvanized frame, frame detachable design, and the general primary filter difference is that it can be easily replaced filter material, frame can be reused, to a greater extent to save the economic cost. Filter material is synthetic glass fiber, its dust capacity is large, long service cycle, mostly used for air filtration.

Features of replaceable primary filter:

1. Filtration efficiency for particles >5.0um is 40%~60%;

2. Special bulk type high-flux and low-resistance chemical fiber cloth is used as filter material, with large dust capacity;

3, galvanized steel plate, aluminum alloy frame;

4, the outer frame adopts detachable design, convenient replacement of filter material to achieve the purpose of frame reuse; ;

5, polyester synthetic fiber filter material, low initial resistance;

6, available in 2 inch (46mm) and 4 inch (96mm) thickness options, 2 inch and 4 inch are pleated structure;

7, recommended operating temperature: <80°C;

9, according to the size of customers customized products.

Replacement period of replaceable primary filter: it can be used normally for 3 months under the rated air volume, that is, the filter cotton needs to be replaced, or when the resistance of the filter cotton reaches more than 250Pa, the filter cotton must be replaced. If the filter cotton is washable, the replacement of the filter material can be washed with clean water, cool dry, and then replaced, more than allowed to clean two times, that is, must be replaced with a new filter cotton, and each cleaning time, the filtration efficiency will be reduced by about 15%, such as the use of dust concentration in the environment, the service life will be reduced

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