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Метад ачысткі рукавнога фільтра і пытанні, якія патрабуюць увагі

Час: 2023-03-08

Метад ачысткі рукавнога фільтра і пытанні, якія патрабуюць увагі

Bag filter takes the filter bag as the filter medium. During the use of the filter, it is necessary to clean the filter bag regularly. General bag filter adopts manual cleaning.

Bag filter filter bag cleaning

1. Close the water inlet valve of the filter and discharge the sewage inside the filter.

2. Unscrew the top flange and rotate the first round of the rocker arm to make the upper head flange 5cm away from the lower flange. Rotate the rocker arm to make the head leave the barrel and open the upper cover of the filter.

3. Unscrew the metal fastener of the filter bag inside the filter and take out the filter bag.

4. Remove the filter slag in the filter bag with a tool, and soak the filter bag in the prepared chemical cleaning agent.

5. Soak for 30-12 minutes. Observe the changes of the filter bag in the soaking process, and test the PH value regularly.

6. After cleaning, clean the inner wall of the filter with a water gun, rinse the dirt and clean it from the sewage outlet.

7. Clean and dry the filter bag, and then reload the filter. This step is the opposite of removing the filter bag. Cleaning measures.

Cleaning precautions:

1. When cleaning the filter bag, shut down the equipment, close all the inlet and outlet valves of the filter, and power off the whole system. Avoid accidents.

2. When cleaning, it is best to use deion product water to clean, do not use brush filter bag, otherwise it may damage the filter bag material.

3. Do not use high pressure water gun to wash the filter bag, easy to break the structure of the filter bag.

4. After cleaning, you can gently wring it out with your hands. Do not exert too much force.

How often is it cleaned?

1 According to the water quality to determine, water quality stable pollutants can be cleaned once a month, water quality fluctuation is more, may need to be cleaned every week.

2. If the filtration performance of the filter bag decreases after cleaning and a new filter bag needs to be replaced, it cannot be used

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