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Аналіз функцый і пераваг прымянення мыйных фільтраў

Час: 2021-07-12

There are many types of filters, and the types of applications vary depending on the location. Among many filters, washable filters are becoming more and more popular, and now such equipment is needed in many places. So what are the functions and advantages of washable filters? This is the issue that many users are most concerned about. Let's take a look.

The function of the washable filter: The washable filter is a filter device with its own fan. In the laboratory, the use of this equipment can reduce noise, facilitate installation and equipment maintenance, and greatly improve cleanliness. At present, washable filters are widely used in the roof air supply of large-area laminar flow clean workshops. There are many advantages to provide high-quality air for clean rooms and microenvironments. Washable filters have many advantages. The following advantages are the most obvious:

First of all, it is flexible and simple to replace, install and move. The washable filter is integrated and modular, and it also has its own power. The washable filter is easy to replace, without any restrictions in the clean workshop, and can be replaced, moved and controlled at will

Secondly, negative pressure ventilation, because the washable filter can provide static pressure, for the outside world, the clean room is positive pressure, so external particles will not reach the clean area. And the use of this filter can also shorten the construction period. The use of FFU can save the manufacture and installation of air ducts and reduce operating costs. use

In the case of washable filters, although the initial investment is higher than the air duct ventilation, the latter can highlight the characteristics of energy saving and maintenance-free.

In addition, the space-saving, washable filter is indeed very space-saving. Compared with other systems, it occupies a smaller height of the air supply static pressure box and does not occupy the space of the clean room. The washable filter is more suitable for places with strict requirements for air pollution, its height is low, and it does not take up space, and the design is light and handy

In general, the wind speed of the washable filter is stable and even. Due to the metal structure, it will not age and will not cause secondary pollution. In addition, good sound insulation and clever air duct design can greatly reduce noise. There are many advantages of washable filters, and its appearance is convenient for people to use better.

Commonly used equipment, the usual maintenance is also particularly important. It is generally recommended to clean it once a month or two. If problems are found, they will be dealt with in time to avoid serious problems and extend the service life of the equipment.

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