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Air filter professional noun Chinese explanation

Час: 2023-04-14

Air filter professional noun Chinese explanation

0.1mm фільтр

In the 1980s, a filter with a higher efficiency than "high efficiency". Later, the description and testing methods of HEPA filters were updated, and the new term has replaced "0.1mm filter".

Common name for the U.S. federal standard for clean rooms, FED-STD-209. The International Organization for Standardization borrowed the number 209 when it established the Clean Room Technical Committee (ISO/TC209).


The classic size of domestic baffle filter. See "HEPA Filter Dimensions".

Праграма 863

On March 3, 1986, four scientists wrote a letter to the CPC Central Committee, proposing to track the world's advanced level and develop new technologies. Half a year later, the state issued the Outline of the New Technology Research and Development Program, or "863 Program" for short.

Filter manufacturers often cite 863 and have successfully sold their products to all corners of the 863 program. 863 was followed by "Project 973".

Праект 908

In August 1990, the state approved a large-scale integrated circuit project. A few years later, another big project built in Shanghai became 909.


Traditionally, the mark HEPA filter efficiency index.

The earliest HEPA filters in the United States had an efficiency of 99.97 percent for 0.3mm particles, which was a little high for the time. Right now, the sensational efficiency number is 99.999999%.

Выцяжка з ламінарным патокам

Local high efficiency filtration system with its own fan. It used to refer to a system with a fan or an array of filters. Now it may also sometimes refer to FFU.

Initial Resistance. Initial resistance

The resistance of the new filter in actual use or under test conditions, or the resistance of the new filter under rated air volume.

Rated Airflow. Rated airflow

Nominal air volume claimed by the manufacturer.

The filter is a "mask," and breathing is up to the user. There is no need to pay too much attention to the "rated" quantity claimed by the seller, there is much more fishy.

Particle Diameter, Particle Size. Particle diameter, particle size

A: The diameter of dust, too simple question. Again, what is the diameter of a piece of dandruff, a blob of E. coli, a string of half-burned coke particles?

The scientific world debates the definition of particle size, and sometimes philosophers join in. The business community is good at coordination and is defined as: Diameter of a sphere that produces a response, by a given particle-sizing instrument,  that is equivalent to the response produced by the particle being measured.

When a laser particle counter is used to measure certain particles of dust, the counter gives the diameter of a particle equivalent to the optical signal of a standard Latex sphere (a sphere with a specific optical property and a very precise shape) used in the calibration instrument.

HEPA Filter. Hepa filter

Traditional saying: For 0.3mm particle filtration efficiency ≥99.97% filter.

Domestic common saying: with sodium flame test, efficiency ≥99.97% filter.

National Standard to be revised: Filters with efficiency ≥99.9%, tested by sodium flame method.

Nuclear Grade Filter Nuclear grade filter

The nuclear industry operates in its own circles, with its own quality standards and testing regulations. All kinds of air filters used in the nuclear industry are collectively referred to as "nuclear grade filters".

Inhalable Particulate Matter, IP. Inhalable particulate matter, IP

Small particulate matter that can enter a person's lower respiratory tract. The official inhalable particulate matter is the total weight of particulate matter with a particle size of 10mm or less per cubic meter of air. See "Particulate Matter".


That is, photocatalysis. "Catalysis" means "catalyst" in Japanese, and it was also called "catalyst" in some Chinese textbooks long ago.

When exposed to ultraviolet light, certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are converted into harmless carbon dioxide molecules and water molecules when they come into contact with ultra-fine titanium dioxide powders (nano-titanium). Titanium dioxide acts as a catalyst here.

Middle school students understand "catalysis", but professors do not know "catalyst", so businesses use the banner of "photocatalyst". Two years after it became popular, "photocatalyst" became "nanotechnology" because of its nanometrics.

Эфектыўнасць фільтрацыі

The ratio of the amount of dust captured by the filter to the amount of dust entering the filter. See efficiency and test methods for more details.

Because the test method, test state, the standard dust used in the test and the treatment method of the test data are various, the significance of filtration efficiency value is also different.

In general, the test method should be indicated on the efficiency index.

The number of Air Changes

Ratio of air supply to room volume in one hour.


The limit of particulate matter above a certain size per unit space in a clean room or clean space. See Section 6.1 "Cleanliness Classification".

China Contaminant Control Society. China Contaminant Control Society

China Clean Society was founded in 1982, because the size of the society is not large, according to the rules, attached to the Chinese Society of Electronics, is a "secondary society", the full name of the "Chinese Society of Electronics clean technology branch". For the same reason, the Chinese Aerosol Society is a secondary society attached to the Chinese Granular Society.


Air filter for automobile, internal combustion engine, compressed air and other industries. Mostly cylindrical, using special wood pulp fiber or chemical fiber filter paper. English is also Filter. People in those industries prefer to call them "filters" because they belong to different fields of manufacture and application.

Dust Capacity dust-holding capacity

The weight of the filter to hold the specified artificial dust when the specified or agreed test termination conditions are met with the specified test method, using standard artificial dust, see "Dust capacity".

The top people in the filter industry translate our literal "dust capacity" into "pollution capacity".

Life expectancy. Life expectancy

The time when the filter resistance reaches the specified final resistance, or the time when the user thinks the filter should be scrapped.

If you want to be a filter salesman or an air conditioning designer, life expectancy is a question to ask.

Penetration rate penetration

Transmittance = 1 -- filtration efficiency

The transmittance is also called "penetration rate".

Subhigh efficiency filter

Domestic unique products, sodium flame method efficiency ≥95% filter.

Foreign products with similar efficiency (H10) are mainly used for prefiltration of high efficiency filters.

Final Resistance Final resistance

To determine the filter scrap resistance index, see "filter resistance".

According to the agreement between the user and the experimenter, the resistance index to terminate the dust generation test of the filter is determined. See "dust capacity".


Dielectric materials capable of long-term storage of space and dipole charges.

"Standing" is long standing, "pole" refers to polarity or charge, that is, material with static electricity for a long time. In the filtration industry, electret refers to the chemical fiber filter material with static electricity, such as PP filter material for ventilation filter, PTFE filter paper for high efficiency filter

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