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What is the inspection process of f5 bag air filter?

Time: 2023-02-21

f5 bag air filter is our most commonly used filter, bag filter is widely used, and because of its simple and flexible operation, easy to replace, so it is often used as a mid-end filter. To undertake the responsibility of the initial high efficiency filter, so how to detect the bag filter? Today is a simple introduction:

f5 bag air filter

f5 bag air filter is widely used, and the test methods mainly include: dynamic test and static test, filter test methods include: sodium flame method and oil mist method, filter efficiency test methods include: atmospheric dust test method and artificial dust test method.

So when we install the medium filter because of the brittleness of fiberglass paper, so in the use and installation of the first consideration should be not contact with sharp items and repeated rubbing, followed by fiberglass paper in use should be as little as possible contact with water or other corrosive liquids, so as not to affect its normal use. The clean workshop is required to have good clean equipment. Thirdly, the coarse, medium and high efficiency filters are reasonable to accompany the use to ensure that each filter does not bear excessive dust load. Visual inspection is carried out before subsequent installation to detect whether there is damage to the filter paper and filter appearance, and the sealing condition is detected after installation to strictly detect leaks.

The main filter material of f5 bag air filter is generally made of fine cellular foam, glass fiber and non-woven fabric. The wind speed through the filter is generally 0.05-0.3m/s. In order to ensure the air volume through the filter, the filter material is often made into a bag shape to increase the filter area, and the installation of the medium effect filter is the same as that of the primary effect filter. Generally installed in the air or special filter box, installation should be tight, and easy to disassemble and replace.

f5 bag air filter

Over the years, bag filter is widely used in optical electronics, LCD liquid crystal production, biological medicine, instruments, beverages, food, PCB printing and other professional dust-free purification workshop air supply. The air quality of our life has been greatly improved, but also to help the air quality of the production workshop, in the clean room, inspection room, laboratory, assembly workshop and other industrial sectors to solve the problem of air particles, to protect the quality of products and instruments

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