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Method of preserving and maintaining double bag filter

Time: 2023-05-04

Method of preserving and maintaining double bag filter

Double bag filter storage method

1. When the double bag filter is not in use, take out the filter bag inside the filter, clean the filter bag, put it in a sealed bag, and store it together with the filter.

2. Double bag filter should be kept in a cool and dry place indoors, and avoid direct sunlight as far as possible.

3. Periodically check whether the filter is damp and corroded.

Double bag filter maintenance method

1. To keep the pressure within the normal range, it is necessary to check the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the filter regularly. When the pressure difference of the detected filter reaches 0.05-0.1Mpa, the filter bag should be cleaned immediately and replaced.

2 double bag filter do not easily open the cover, do not open the cover in the case of pressure in the filter, if the effect of external pressure, the liquid inside the filter may be ejected, causing injury to personnel.

3. The filter has the discharge valve, to confirm the discharge liquid received from the recovery place, open the discharge valve, must wait for the remaining liquid inside the filter through the discharge valve, and then close the discharge valve, if the liquid discharge is not clean, can be pressurized operation.

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