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Hepa filter characteristics, application and installation instructions

Time: 2022-12-07

With the continuous progress of science and technology, many industrial machines and equipment are constantly improving, so are filters.From the most primitive filter to the present precision filter instrument, the filter is more and more advanced, filtering effect is better and better.The filter equipment introduced in this paper is HEPA filter, and its characteristics, application and installation instructions are introduced in detail.

First, the characteristics of HEPA filter

HAPA stands for High efficiency particulate air Filter (particulate), which is very good between a particulate of 0.1 and a particulate of 0.3 microns, so what does it do?

1. HEPA filter uses special seamless sealing technology, sealing effect is very good, will not leak;

2. The removal efficiency of HEPA filter for particles with diameter above 0.3 micron can reach more than 99.7%, with high filtration accuracy and good effect;

3. HEPA filter adopts special glass fiber filter paper as the filter material, and the double sides of the filter material are also equipped with metal protective mesh;

4, the HEPA filter is through the computer control of the automatic folding machine system, folding height range between 22 ~ 96mm, can be adjusted at will.

2. Application field of HEPA filter

Because the filter effect of HEPA filter is very good, it is mainly used in the nuclear industry, biological pharmaceutical industry and vacuum cleaner manufacturing with high filtration requirements.

1, the application of HEPA filter in biomedicine: In the field of biomedicine, HEPA filter is often used to carry out the rate of viruses and bacteria in the air, effectively reduce the bacteria in the air and prevent the spread of viruses.Sometimes hospitals use HEPA filters with ultraviolet light to better kill airborne viruses and live bacteria.

2. The use of HEPA filter in vacuum cleaner: many people are allergic to some dust and bacteria in the air, and the less powerful the bacteria, the easier it is to invade our lungs and harm our health.Using a HEPA filter removes the particles that trigger allergy and asthma symptoms, cleans the air and keeps the body healthy.

Iii. Instructions for installation and use of HEPA filter

1, the installation of HEPA filter to maintain the level, it is best to rely on the actual situation in the space of the corner to be placed;

2. The inlet and outlet pipes of HEPA filter are all standard flanges or threaded connections;

3. In order to prevent the blockage of dirt in the inlet pipe of the HEPA filter, the water pressure gauge should be installed on the inlet pipe;

4. HEPA filter will discharge flushing water when running, so it is necessary to set the floor drain in use;

5, the sewage pipe of HEPA filter should not exceed 5m, in addition, the outlet of the sewage pipe should not be higher than the valve body, the less the pipe elbow the better

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