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Customized industrial multi-pocket medium efficiency F6 F7 F8 F9 F10 pocket air filter SFF-10P-592x592x640-F7

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Product description

10-pocket filter

Efficiency: F7; 

Frame: galvanized frame; 

Media: synthetic fiber 


Initial pressure drop:50-60Pa

Final pressure drop:200Pa

Model No:SFF-10P-592x592x640-F7

Product Name
Medium efficiency pocket filter
Pocket Filter
Galvanized iron, aluminum alloy or stainless steel
Muti-layer non-woven bag filter media
EN779 class
F5, F6, F7, F8, F9
Temp. Resistance
100 degree Celsius
Galvanized iron or aluminum alloy frame
1. Between each pocket there is a metal stick to make frame firm, and the separation material of each pocket can avoid the filter over expanded under the pressure.
2. Ultrasonic sealing make the filter more strong and not easy to break.
3. Adopted fine synthetic fiber instead of some fiberglass material.
4. Material is made of antistatic fiber, large dust holding capacity and long working life.
5. Pocket mesh efficiency has five different types for choice: 35%,45%,65%,85%and 95% 

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