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Why choose a temperature-resistant filter? What is the effect

Time: 2021-07-16

In fact, temperature-resistant filters are widely used, but there are not many friends who know this kind of filtration equipment. Under normal circumstances, there are three types of temperature-resistant filters on the market. The design concepts, filtration performance and index parameters of these three filters are different. The filter accuracy and air filtration efficiency of the high temperature filter are very good. Those working environments that require high environmental cleanliness can choose this filter equipment. Of course, the temperature resistant filter can also be used in a low filtration accuracy environment. A suitable temperature-resistant filter is very important

In the digital product manufacturing industry, aerospace industry, food processing industry, and biopharmaceutical industries, temperature-resistant filters are widely used. These production industries have very high requirements for the cleanliness of the production environment. Sanfan temperature-resistant filters are divided into three types. The use environment and purification effect of different style filters are different. The plate filter here is made of long-fiber glass material. This material takes into account the strength and elasticity of the folding filter. The filter screen adopts a double-sided design, which has very good strength and the actual air filtering effect is also very good It is the HTR filter. This filter equipment should be folded and used with special equipment. The high-quality glass fiber filter and aluminum foil separator ensure the purification effect. When you choose a temperature-resistant filter, you must carefully understand the performance of different styles of filters. Only from the perspective of actual purification requirements can you buy a suitable temperature-resistant filter

A temperature-resistant filter is an air purification device, which is mainly used to purify the workshop and working environment, where the air quality requirements are very high. A suitable filter can completely purify the dust in the environment, which can create a healthy working environment for employees, and the performance of each product is also guaranteed. If the temperature of your working environment is relatively high, then you must use a temperature-resistant filter to purify the air. A professional temperature-resistant filter can continue to work in a high-temperature environment, and can effectively avoid equipment damage caused by high temperature, and the company can also accurately grasp Production management costs.

Temperature-resistant filters are mainly used to filter suspended particles in the air. A filter made of high-temperature resistant materials can effectively filter out these particulate matter. To improve the use of these filters, each connection inside the equipment is treated with sealant , So as to ensure the quality of air filtration, accurate air filtration

High temperature, large particle dust capacity and high temperature resistance are the advantages of temperature-resistant filters. The installation and use of these filters are very flexible. The negative pressure seal design can solve various air purification problems. Everyone must carefully choose the filter to ensure the effect of the filter.

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