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What precautions must HEPA filter h13 know?

Time: 2023-05-23

What precautions must HEPA filter h13 know?

Dust, harmful gases and other impurities in the air are very serious to air pollution, will bring great potential harm to people, we must pay attention to, high efficiency filter h13 filtering principle is simple, through the fresh air filter box equipment to remove outdoor air, filtered pure air through the heat exchange system and two-way flow new fan exchange, can make indoor healthy fresh air, Specific filter selection precautions for you to explain in detail:

High efficiency filter h13

1, in the selection of fresh air high efficiency filter filtration, to fully consider the filtration efficiency, rated air volume, filtration resistance and dust capacity;

2, test high efficiency air filter, the main reference data standard is filtration efficiency ≥99.9% or particle size ≥0.1μm particle count pass rate ≤0.001%, in line with the above conditions standard is high efficiency air filter;

3, the selection of high efficiency filter h13 filter should meet the requirements, high efficiency air filter is divided into different grades according to the degree of fire resistance: first is all materials are not combustible, two refers to the filter material is not combustible, but the partition board and frame is combustible;

4, the selection of high efficiency filter h13, its initial resistance shall not exceed 10% of the product sample resistance;

5, general high efficiency air filter can not be used alone, generally installed at the end of the purification system, in front of the initial effect filter should be the first effect of air filtration;

6, high efficiency air filter according to its structure and characteristics are divided into partition high efficiency filter, no partition high efficiency filter, V-BED high efficiency filter and high temperature resistant high efficiency filter, according to the actual situation and requirements of the selection of suitable filters.

High efficiency filter h13

Air filter is recognized by more and more people, it improves air quality and ensures people's health, and has been widely used, such as medicine, food and other industries are inseparable from all kinds of efficiency filter

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