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What material is glass fiber?

Time: 2022-09-19

Glass fiber (original name in English: glass fiber or fiberglass) is an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance. Brittle, poor wear resistance. It is made of glass balls or waste glass through high temperature melting, wire drawing, winding, weaving and other processes. 1/20-1/5 of the filaments, each bundle of fiber strands is composed of hundreds or even thousands of monofilaments. Glass fibers are usually used as reinforcing materials in composite materials, electrical insulating materials and thermal insulation materials, circuit substrates and other fields of the national economy. Glass is generally regarded as a hard and fragile object, and it is not suitable for use as a structural material. However, if it is drawn into filaments, its strength is greatly increased and it has flexibility. Therefore, it can finally become an excellent structural material after being given a shape with resin. Glass fibers increase in strength as their diameter decreases. Features Introduction Raw material and its application Glass fiber has higher temperature resistance than organic fiber, non-flammable, anti-corrosion, good heat insulation and sound insulation (especially glass wool), high tensile strength, and good electrical insulation (such as alkali-free glass fiber). But it is brittle and has poor wear resistance. Glass fiber is mainly used as electrical insulating material, industrial filter material, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, heat-insulating, sound-insulating, shock-absorbing material.

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