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What is the principle of the high efficiency filter?

Time: 2022-06-15

When working, soot cyclone from the bottom of the shell into the high-efficiency filter, because of the cyclone cross-sectional area suddenly expanded, the flow speed reduced, part of the cyclone in the large particles, density of soot and condensation of fine particles in the role of cohesion, concentration ability along the material layer spin down the bin, particle size distribution fine, the relative density of small fine particles floating in the air, through the cyclone dispersion installation, the average value into the filter chamber Diffuse in the dust bag gap, through the high efficiency filter surface inertia force impact, microporous filtration and other functions and deposited in the high efficiency filter surface.

Inertia effect

When the cyclone filled with various kinds of floating dust crosses in the HEP chemical fiber layer, the cyclone flow pattern has to make frequent and violent turns because of the complicated sorting of chemical fibers. When the particle mass is relatively large or rate (can be treated as the cyclone rate) is relatively large, in the streamline turn, the particle because of inertial force can not follow the streamline at the same time to avoid the chemical fibers, so get rid of the streamline to the chemical fibers close to the chemical fibers, and hit the chemical fibers and pile out, if the inertial effect of the particle is not just hit the chemical fiber surface, but just hit the blocking utility range, then The interception of particles is the same effect of these two effects.

Free diffusion

The smaller the particle, the more significant the actual effect. The particles that exceed 0.3PM are weakened by the diffusion phenomenon, and generally cannot be made to leave the streamline impact on the chemical fiber by the diffusion phenomenon.

Effectiveness of heavy capacity

When the particles according to the chemical fiber layer, under the action of the heavy capacity to produce away from the streamline deflection, that is, due to the heavy capacity of the ground settlement and accumulation on the chemical fiber. Because the cyclone according to the chemical fiber filter, especially through the filter paper filter time is much less than 1s, so for the diameter of the particles less than 0.5PM, when it is not even ground settlement to the chemical fiber layer, through the fiber layer, so the heavy capacity ground settlement can be completely ignored.

Electrostatic gravitational force

Because of various reasons, such as friction, positive and negative electrons in the air, chemical fibers and particles are likely to carry a positive charge, resulting in the absorption of particles "electrostatic effect".

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