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What is glass fiber filter cotton?

Time: 2023-09-22

What is glass fiber filter cotton?

What is glass fiber filter cotton, what is the role of glass fiber filter cotton? Air filter has an initial effect of high temperature filter, filter material is the use of glass fiber filter cotton, the initial effect of glass fiber filter. Glass fiber filter cotton is mainly made of glass fiber of different thickness and length by special processing technology. Glass fiber with its stable performance, high temperature resistance, high efficiency, large capacity, long service life and so on. And in some special circumstances, only glass fiber can be competent. Widely used in general ventilation washing of the first effect filter, high temperature filter, and high efficiency filter, the air filtration requirements of the high environment.

What is glass fiber filter cotton

Glass fiber filter cotton wet strength is good, in line with fire classification standards, glass fiber filter cotton is mainly used in: assembly workshop, spray paint workshop, surface decoration, paint room and so on. Half of the glass fiber filter cotton is used in the surface coating industry, specially designed for the end filtration of the jet chamber, and is processed by the high-performance hot melt non-woven fabric composed of the crazy broken synthetic fiber, taking an increasing structure, that is, the fiber density in the direction of pure air gradually increases, the filtration efficiency also increases, and the service life is longer

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