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What factors affect the efficiency of HEPA filters?

Time: 2022-12-06

With the development of society, the problem of social environmental pollution has become very serious, so many consumers will choose to buy filter equipment, but different filter equipment is not the same filter environment. Hepa filter equipment is one of the more popular filter equipment. What are the factors that affect the filtering efficiency of HEPA filter equipment?

One of the reasons that affect the filter efficiency of HEPA filter equipment is the filter bag material

The selection and application of filter bag material is the core technology of bag dust collection equipment, which plays a decisive role in the performance of HEPA filter dust collector. Due to the environment of dust collection points, the nature, temperature and technical requirements of dust treatment are different, so different filtration materials should be selected according to different conditions, and corresponding technical protection measures should be taken. Filter bag material requirements include the following technical performance: filter bag material is suitable for different temperatures, good stripping, easy cleaning, good air permeability, low resistance, high filtration efficiency, high strength, can withstand high strength cleaning, long service life, suitable price.

The second reason that affects the filter efficiency of HEPA filter equipment is air leakage

Air leakage directly affects the dust collection effect and life of the dust collector, and the air leakage rate is required to be less than 3%. Bag dust collector is generally negative pressure operation, such as air leakage is easy to form a small circuit short circuit. Dust collection system processing air volume is not enough, forming positive pressure dust. Air leakage will also reduce the system temperature, easy to produce moisture paste bag, increase the dust collection resistance, reduce the filtering effect of HEPA filter equipment.

The third reason that affects the filter efficiency of HEPA filter equipment is the filter wind speed

The filter wind speed of HEPA filter manufacturer is a very important parameter to determine the performance of the dust collector, and also an important parameter to measure the advancement of the bag dust collector. The filtration wind speed is closely related to the dust concentration, dust particle size, application situation, viscosity, gas temperature, moisture content and cleaning method of the dust gas. When the dust particle size is fine, the temperature and humidity are high, the concentration is large and the viscosity is large, the filter wind speed should be lower, and the other way around, the high value can be selected. If the filter wind speed is too large, it will increase the load of the filter bag, increase the filter resistance, and lead to the short service life and low efficiency of the filter bag.

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