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What do I need to pay attention to when I buy an activated carbon filter?

Time: 2022-07-05

If you want the filtration effect to reach the standard, you need the filtration equipment to meet your own filtration needs, and at this time not only do you need to pay attention to some basic matters in the use process, but also need to buy the activated carbon filter that can meet your needs before the filtration work begins. How to choose an activated carbon filter?SFFILTECH activated carbon filter manufacturer will tell you.

Pay attention to the material of theactivated carbon filter

When buying an activated carbon filter, the first thing you should pay attention to is the material of the filter, because the material determines to a certain extent what kind of material theactivated carbon filter can filter, if the filter you buy cannot filter the material you want to filter, the filtering work will be difficult afterwards. At the same time, if the material is inferior, the result may be a low life span of the activated carbon filter, which requires frequent cleaning and replacement. Therefore,SFFILTECH activated carbon filter manufacturer reminds you that you must buy activated carbon filters with corresponding materials and at the same time good quality and long service life.

Clarify the efficiency of the activated carbon filter

The efficiency of the activated carbon filter is also an important indicator in the purchase process, why do you say so? Because the efficiency of the activated carbon filter determines to a certain extent whether the efficiency of the filtration work can meet the user's requirements. We need to see how much filter media the activated carbon filtercan filter in one hour, and whether this efficiency can meet the user's needs. If it cannot meet the standard, we need to consider whether we should replace the activated carbon filter with another model, and then improve the filtration efficiency.

Focus on the manufacturers of activated carbon filters

Activated carbon filter manufacturers are also a factor to be taken into consideration when purchasing filters. Firstly, from the quality of activated carbon filters, the filters produced by good activated carbon filter manufacturers will not have too much deviation in filtration accuracy and filtration efficiency, and the quality of activated carbon filters will also be better. On the other hand, from the service and after-sales point of view, a good activated carbon filtermanufacturercan provide more and more timely services to help users solve more problems, so that the use of activated carbon filters becomes more smooth and easy.

SFFILTECH activated carbon filter manufacturers suggest that if you want to choose a better activated carbon filter, you can start from the above aspects.

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