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What are the characteristics of the primary filter, and how to clean and maintain it daily

Time: 2021-07-22

The primary effect filter is not unfamiliar in life. It is mainly used for the primary filtration of the air conditioning system. It can effectively filter the dust and odor in the air. The primary effect filter can be divided into a plate primary filter and a foldable primary filter according to different styles. There are three types of filters and bag-type primary filters. Different styles of primary filters have different performances.

First of all, let's understand what are the characteristics of the primary filter? First of all, the price of the primary filter is relatively low, and the cost performance is higher. Almost all office or home environments are inseparable from the primary filter, so it is popular with the public Welcome, secondly, the first-efficiency filter also has a significant feature that is large dust holding capacity, high filtration efficiency, and long running time. It can persist for a long time to ensure stable filtration performance, and the initial-efficiency filter does not have too high requirements for the installation environment. , The product itself occupies a small area and can be adapted to a variety of installation environments, greatly saving the use of space. The initial filter is easy to operate. Under normal circumstances, you can fully grasp the method of use after one or two operations. The post-maintenance of the primary filter is very convenient and easy to clean, it has a long service life, and has a good reputation in the market. When purchasing an initial filter, you must know more about it, and it will be more secure to choose a cost-effective product.

So, how should the primary filter be cleaned and maintained during daily use? Under normal circumstances, the primary filter needs to be replaced every six months, and the cleanliness must be checked every two months. When cleaning the primary filter At this time, first remove the primary filter according to the correct method.

When there is not much dust, you can rinse with water. If there is a lot of dust, you can use professional equipment to remove it. After cleaning, place the primary filter in a cool place and dry it. After the primary filter is completely dried, install it according to the correct method. After the completion, press and hold the filter signal reset button on the control keyboard, the cleaning standard will disappear, indicating that the cleaning has reached the cleanliness, and the primary filter can be used normally to effectively remove harmful substances in the air and improve the cleanliness of the air. It has built a safe fortress for people's health. The primary filter makes production more efficient, makes life healthier, and makes a certain contribution to environmental protection. Nowadays, the market position of the primary filter is constantly rising, and the development prospect is very good. 

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