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What are the characteristics of the panel filter? What is its installation method?

Time: 2022-09-01

The existence of filters is very important. It can provide convenience for a variety of industries and improve the air quality in everyone's life. Each type of filter can have its own professional role and field of operation. Plate filtration A filter is a kind of filter. Next, let's take a look at its characteristics and installation methods.

Features of plate filter:

The filter screen of the plate filter has a stronger filtering effect and service life than the ordinary filter screen, and its special design can effectively protect the filter material from damage, and can also effectively prevent the filter material from being deformed due to pressure. It can also be used to protect the filter screen in the air conditioning system. The filter screen of this filter has the characteristics of low pressure damage, large dust capture and long service life.

How to install the plate filter:

This filter must be cleaned with professional cleaners before installation. Here you need to be careful not to use acid cleaners. After cleaning, you need to use high-temperature steam for sterilization and disinfection. After cleaning, the equipment Proper storage is required.

When installing, we must pay attention to whether the inlet is the port on the edge of the bottom plate, and whether the outlet is the tube on the filter socket, so as to ensure the accuracy of the direction of the inlet and outlet, and the orientation of the filter must be placed when the filter element is installed. To be straight, the fins that pierce into the future top need to be buckled with a pressure plate, and then after tightening the screws, you can complete these devices.

The device that represents the liquid pressure in the plate filter is the pressure gauge. If it is a primary filter pressure gauge, the index should conform to the specification. When setting the secondary filter pressure gauge, it can be slightly larger than the primary filter, and a filter The longer the device is used, the pressure will gradually increase, and the flow rate will become slower and slower. At this time, it means that the filter element in the device has been blocked and needs to be replaced in time.

This is the introduction to the characteristics and installation method of the plate filter. I hope that through these contents, everyone will have a better understanding of this type of filter, master its advantages and characteristics, and choose the most suitable one according to your own needs. filter.

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