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What are the characteristics of metal mesh primary filters?

Time: 2022-08-16

Metal mesh primary filter product features:

1. It is composed of different specifications of wave-fold mesh, staggered placed in the inner frame to reduce the gap of aluminum mesh and play a better filtration.

2. For acid and alkali or high temperature resistant environment, stainless steel outer frame and stainless steel bobbin mesh can be used, which is not easy to tear, damage and deformation.

3. The product has the characteristics of sturdy and durable, large air volume, high filtration efficiency, low resistance, large dust capacity, repeatable cleaning, and long service life.

SFFILTECH metal mesh primary filter Applicable places: Used in central air conditioning and primary filtration, special acid, alkali, or high temperature ventilation filtration.

Tailor-made: according to any demand, we can make tailor-made products for you.

Metal mesh primary filter performance characteristics.

Frame: Aluminum profile, galvanized frame, paper frame, etc. are available.

Metal mesh primary filter material: multi-layer wavy expanded aluminum mesh or stainless steel mesh is arranged by cross-layering each other, multi-layer metal mesh is arranged with different density and different aperture, so that the air changes the flow direction many times when passing through the filter, increasing its dust catching capacity and efficiency. Low resistance and long service life, can be repeatedly cleaned, economical and applicable.

Efficiency: (EN779:2002) G3,G4

(ASHRAE 52.2:2007) MERV6,MERV7.

SFFILTECH Metal perforated mesh primary filter applications.

Coarse dust filtration system for air conditioning in general buildings.

Primary filtration for industrial grade air ventilation equipment.

Ventilation systems requiring acid and alkali resistance and high strength.

Paint booth filtration for automobile assembly workshop.

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