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What are the characteristics of high temperature resistant primary filter?

Time: 2022-08-02

High temperature resistant primary filter is used in central air conditioning primary filtration, special acid and alkali resistant or high temperature ventilation filtration.SFFILTECH high temperature resistant primary filter product features.

1. The filter material is folded with galvanized wire mesh or stainless steel mesh on both sides. Good strength, the filter material is not easy to be blown through.

2. Both sides are reinforced with galvanized square mesh, galvanized diamond mesh, galvanized iron wire and stainless steel wire, which can be used normally under the environment of large air volume.

3. Large filter media filter area, long service life, large air volume, low initial resistance, and non-combustibility.

Applicable places: applied to general primary filter, hot air high baking oven air filtration and high temperature baking oven air filtration in painting factory.

High temperature resistant primary filter is used for primary filtration of air conditioning system, mainly for filtering dust particles above 5um. There are three styles of primary filter: plate type, folding type and bag type. The outer frame material has paper with frame, aluminum frame and galvanized plate frame, and the filter material has non-woven fabric, nylon net, activated carbon filter material and metal hole net. Aluminum expanded mesh is fixed, not easy to deformation. Good chemical resistance and low hygroscopicity. The imported long and short glass fiber yarn has good flame retardancy and chemical resistance, low moisture absorption, and can be used under 400℃ for a long time, generally used in coarse dust filtration treatment hot air type high temperature oven.

High temperature resistant primary filter features.

1. Thin structure

2. Highest dust capacity

3. Economical and practical

4. Strong heat resistance

5. No fiber breakage and fiber loss

High temperature resistant primary filter structure:

1. Use: filtering tar, soot, dust and other particles produced in the high temperature drying room;

2. Type: flat type high temperature resistant filter;

3. Frame: aluminum alloy, stainless steel, galvanized iron;

4. Filter material: special organic synthetic fiber, glass fiber;

5. Protective mesh: aluminum mesh or plastic sprayed wire mesh;

6. EN779 level: G3, G4, F5;

7. Average weighting efficiency: 85%, 90%, 93% (ASHRAE52.1-1992);

8. EUROVENT 4/5 level: EU3, EU4, EU5;

9. Final resistance: (recommended) 250Pa - (maximum) 300Pa;

10. Maximum air volume: 125% of rated air volume;

11. Temperature resistance: 300℃;

12. Humidity: 80%.

SFFILTECH introduces you to the replacement method of high temperature resistant primary filter.

1. Replacement of primary and intermediate efficiency filters of air conditioning units First, shut down the unit to be replaced (must be replaced between production or production), open the access door of the unit to be replaced, unscrew the fixing bolts of the filter, remove the filter to be replaced and install the new filter, fix the bolts and close the access door.

2. Room exhaust (return air) primary filter replacement Find the room where the primary filter is to be replaced, open the exhaust (return air) port where the filter needs to be replaced, remove the old filter, install the new filter, and close the exhaust port.

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