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V-type filter features small science

Time: 2022-06-23

Nowadays, the classification of filter products is gradually refined, and some filter products are named with English letters according to their own characteristics, and V filter is one of them.

1、V filter can be cleaned under the condition of uninterrupted water supply, so the daily cleaning of V filter will not affect the normal work. Enterprises also do not need to discharge a specific time to clean the filter.

2、V-filter is easy to disassemble and install, enterprises can maintain the equipment anytime and anywhere, eliminating the trouble of inviting professionals. Convenient and quick without worries.

3、V filter itself with safety protection measures, in the daily operation of the emergency, will automatically alarm, to protect the safety of users.

4、V filter has a very wide range of application, and it can treat various kinds of pollution such as sediment, rust and algae in the water.

5、V filter accepts personalization, and customers can set the parameters of the equipment according to their own needs and site conditions.

6、V filteradopts the design of multiple filter cartridges, and the filtering area is large, about 4 times of the general equipment. It greatly improves the working efficiency. At the same time, because of its large filtering surface, it reduces the filtering pressure and pressure loss.

7、V filter can adjust the operation mode and working status of the equipment according to different water volume in daily work, which is convenient to operate.

8、The design and production ofV-filter is more standardized. The filter is designed and produced according to the international standard size, which can produce a good connection with different equipment and reduce the trouble of misalignment of models.

9、The spray glue folding ofV-filteradopts a computer-controlled automatic folding machine system, and its folding range can be between 22 and 96 mm.

10、The filter material ofV-filter is specially made of glass fiber filter paper, which is more healthy compared with other filters in terms of material selection.

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