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Types and characteristics of medium efficiency filters

Time: 2022-07-12

Medium efficiency filters belong to the F series of air filters, which are divided into two types: bag type and non-bag type, including F5, F6, F7, F8 and F9, and non-bag type, including FB (plate type medium efficiency filter), FS (partition type medium efficiency filter) and FV (combined medium efficiency filter).

F5: 40~50%

F6: 60~70%

F7: 75~85%

F8: 85~95%

F9: 99%

Medium efficiency air filterinindustrial applications.

Mainly used in central air-conditioning ventilation system intermediate filtration, pharmaceutical, hospital, electronics, food, and other industrial purification; also can be used as the front-end filtration of high-efficiency filtration, in order to reduce the load of high-efficiency over and extend its service life; due to the large windward surface, so the air dust volume is large and the air speed is low, it is considered the best medium-effect filter structure.

Medium efficiency filter features

1. Traps 1-5un particles of dust and various suspended matter.

2. Large air volume.

3. Low resistance.

4. High dust holding capacity.

5. Can be repeatedly cleaned and used.

6. Type: frameless and framed bag type

7. Filter media: special non-woven or glass fibre

8. Efficiency: 60% to 95% @ 1 to 5um (colorimetric method)

9. Maximum temperature and humidity: 80℃, 80%.

The outer frame of the disposable paper frame filter is generally divided into a general hard paper frame and a high-strength touch-cut cardboard frame with a pleated fibre filter material lined with a single-sided wire mesh. The filter cartridge is made of pleated fibre filter material lined with single-sided wire mesh. The structure is robust and durable.SFFILTECH medium efficiency filter are characterised by high specification accuracy and low cost of aesthetics. If the imported surface fibre or synthetic fibre filter material is used, the performance indicators can reach or exceed the imported filter with the same production.

Primary filter, filter material is in the form of folding into the high-strength touch and cardboard, the windward area increases. The dust particles in the incoming air are effectively blocked by the filter material between the pleats. The clean air from the medium efficiency filter flows out evenly from the other side, so that the air flow through the filter is gentle and even. Depending on the filter material, the particle size it blocks varies from 0.5 µm to 5 µm and the efficiency of the filter also varies.

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