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There are many filter brands and a variety of types, how should we choose?

Time: 2022-08-17

As a common air filtration device in modern production life, filters are widely used in laboratories and clean operating rooms, and are an important guarantee for a sterile surgical environment, while filters also frequently appear in clean workshops, clean plants and other scenes, and play a role in industrial generation.

There are many filter brands and a wide variety of types, for example, according to the different working principles, air filters can be divided into primary filters, medium-effect filters, high-efficiency filters and sub-efficient models. So, people often ask: how to choose a better filter brand when there are so many?

When you choose a filter, do not choose miscellaneous products to save costs, to recognize the regular brand filter, so as to avoid frequent quality problems in the use of the process, the final loss is not worth it.

In addition to the selection offilter brands, we also need to select according to the environment, the equipment is different. For example, for clean bench, air shower room, laminar flow hood, etc., the air volume is relatively small, the general use of coarse filter or medium-effect filter and high efficiency filter or ultra-high efficiency filter combination, the incoming air can be used can be the general filter, while the end of the air supply has higher requirements, it is best to choose a high efficiency filter or ultra-high efficiency filter.

This is a small purification equipment, for thefilter brand, product selection, then for the purification of air conditioning system in the selection and configuration of air filters, and how to select? Generally speaking, according to the clean room air cleanliness level and the special requirements of the production process, the filter brand and product rationalization selection and configuration.

If the clean room purification system is in the 100 - 1000 level, the fresh air treatment device can be selected from a wide range of general coarse, medium and sub-efficient filter brands can be competent, of course, in the clean room circulating air system for the filter brand, product selection is more strict, in order to ensure the required air cleanliness level requirements. In order to ensure the required air cleanliness level, we will use high efficiency filter or super high efficiency filter at the end of the purified air conditioning system. For the clean room purification system of class 1000 or even class 100,000, the air treatment device generally uses coarse and medium-effect filters, while the medium-effect filters are placed in the positive pressure section, and the sub-high efficiency or high-efficiency filters are generally located at the end of the purification and air conditioning system.

In addition to the selection offilter brands and products, we should also pay attention to the preparation of filter replacement. Before various instruments and equipment enter the operating room and clean plant, the filters will be installed and wiped clean, cleaned and disinfected before and after use, and the filters will be checked regularly and replaced in time when problems arise.

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