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The role of negative pressure ward transfer window in makeshift hospital

Time: 2022-11-10

I. Content requirements of negative pressure ward reconstruction in makeshift hospital

1. The renovation contents of makeshift hospital include: outdoor municipal facilities, sewage treatment facilities, internal building separation, internal building facilities and equipment, external traffic channel, personnel and materials entry and exit transportation channel, adjacent environmental protection and improvement, health and epidemic prevention, biosafety, safety protection and other aspects.

2. The building can only be used as a makeshift hospital from the reconstruction to the end of the requisition period.

3. The rebuilt makeshift hospital should meet the requirements of health departments and disease control departments at all levels. The design and reconstruction shall comply with the relevant health protection requirements in the Letter on the Issuance of Health Protection Requirements for Temporary Special Places issued by the CDC Bureau of the National Health Commission.

4. If the existing buildings do not meet the relevant provisions in the "Requirements for the Selection of Buildings to be rebuilt", they shall be appropriately rebuilt to meet the needs.

Ii. Requirements for building layout and partition isolation

1. Building plan "three zones and two channels" (polluted area, semi-polluted area, clean area; The pattern of medical staff passageway, patient passageway), the transportation organization of doctor-patient separation and clean and dirty separation, the negative pressure ventilation system and the plane isolation protection, the setting of hospital security system, etc., should be implemented in the renovation design according to the relevant national norms.

2. Set up "three zones and two channels" according to relevant specifications. The specific requirements are as follows:

Contaminated areas include areas where patients with mild symptoms receive treatment, such as wards, disposal rooms, sewage rooms, and patient admission and discharge treatment rooms.

Cleaning area includes dressing room, catering room, duty room and warehouse.

The semi-contaminated area refers to the area between the clean area and the contaminated area that is likely to be contaminated with the virus such as the blood and body fluids of patients, including the office of medical staff, treatment rooms, nurses' stations, patients' belongings, medical equipment and other disposal rooms, and inner corridors. The medical staff passageway and the patient passageway are completely separate.

Contaminated area, semi-contaminated area and clean area "can be distinguished by different colors.

3. Reasonably design the health process of diagnosis and treatment, and set up the entry and return passage rooms respectively at the entry and exit points of the clean area and the polluted area.

The entry process is: "First dressing - second dressing - buffer room" for the medical staff to wear protective equipment, from the cleaning area into the isolation area.

The return process is: "buffer room - isolation clothing room - protective clothing room - uniform room - shower room - one change", then return from the isolation area to the cleaning area, the return to the sanitation room should be male and female.

Transfer window: transfer window manufacturer! Air shower transfer window manufacturer! Clean transfer window manufacturer!

Transfer window is a special auxiliary equipment for clean rooms, mainly used for small items between clean areas and clean areas, and between clean areas and non-clean areas

Transfer, in order to reduce the number of clean room opening, the clean objective existence or clean area pollution to a minimum degree;

Common transfer window features:

1. The outer wall is cold plate white spray, the inner wall and the top and bottom plate are stainless steel;

3. Mechanical interlocking or electronic interlocking device, which can only open one door at the same time;

4. The window is equipped with ultraviolet germicidal lamp

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