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The characteristics of a high temperature filter

Time: 2021-07-29

There are many types of filters in the market, and the common filters are mainly used at home. For the working environment with high temperature factors, ordinary filters cannot meet the filtering requirements at all. The high temperature factors in the working environment directly increase the load of the equipment, and the service life and quality of the equipment cannot be guaranteed.

Is it a warm filter? This filter is mainly used in laboratories, pharmaceutical factories and high-temperature tunnel environments. The high temperature resistance characteristics of this filter equipment can meet the use requirements of these high temperature working environments. With the increase in the types of high-temperature-resistant filters, the use of high-temperature filters has become more and more extensive.

Each high-temperature-resistant filter has its own characteristics of use. Common filtering equipment is divided into two types according to work efficiency. The primary and high-efficiency filters are the main categories, and the medium-efficiency link is the main difference between the two filtering equipment. The internal filter element of all high-temperature-resistant filters is made of high-quality glass fiber or synthetic glass fiber materials, which can ensure the accuracy of the filter. With the expansion of the use of this kind of filter, the number of filter manufacturers on the market continues to increase, which undoubtedly directly increases the difficulty of users' selection. Friends who are familiar with the filter industry know that Heyi is a very professional filter.

Manufacturers, there are many types of filters produced here, and every user can find the right filter equipment here. High temperature resistance is the characteristic of high temperature filters. The high temperature tolerance of professional filters can reach three hundred and fifty degrees. , The filter can continue to work in a high temperature environment, and there will be no such or such use problems. Common high temperature resistant filters are divided into three types: flat type, folding type and HTR. You can choose the appropriate one according to the actual filtration requirements and filtration environment. In addition, durability is also a major advantage of this filter. The filter element made of ultra-fine glass fiber can ensure the filtering effect. In order to prolong the service life of these filtration equipment, the other parts inside the equipment are divided by aluminum foil plates, which protects the filter element to a certain extent. Potential risks during use can also be controlled. There are many, according to different materials and equipment filter elements, there are different classifications of filter equipment. Those filters with double-sided filter element design are mainly used for filtering in a large air volume environment. This kind of filter has a large filter element area and can be filtered for a long time. The high temperature filter is very suitable for high temperature environment and clean environment. In order to better adapt to the high temperature working environment, each high temperature resistant filter is required to have enough The mechanical strength of the filter, the quality of the filter will be more stable

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