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The advantages of industrial ventilation purification in effect F8 bag air filter

Time: 2023-03-29

Now whether in industrial production is still in the living environment are required to play a role in the filter, the effect of F8 bag air filter on the main filter HEPA air filter has a certain maintenance role, of course, in the practice of selection should also look at the specific filter type, together should also be seen as the occasion, otherwise it is difficult to select the right type, Specific bag type air filter efficiency and use advantages for you:

Medium effect F8 bag air filter

Medium effect F8 bag air filters are commonly used in industrial and comfort ventilation HVAC systems and are commonly used as first and second stage filters in ventilation systems.

Bag type air filter efficiency F5-F9, different efficiency of the bag type air filter can be the same on the production process, but the production of filter material grade is different, so as to achieve the efficiency of filter particles is not the same, the use of bag filter, the side leakage probability is small, so that the quality of filtration can be improved.

In daily work, the efficiency F8 bag air filter has a strong ability to withstand pressure, is not easy to damage, the operation cost is lower, the effect of energy saving is obvious, the one-time treatment of filtration is relatively large, the amount of dirty things to accommodate is not small. The working principle and structure of the bag filter system is adopted, so when replacing the filter bag, it is very simple, ordinary people can operate, and the filter element does not need to be cleaned, saving a lot of time and effort.

Medium effect F8 bag air filter

Air filter is recognized by more and more people, it improves air quality and ensures people's health, and has been widely used, such as medicine, food and other industries are inseparable from all kinds of efficiency filter

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