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Should you use an activated carbon air filter?

Time: 2022-07-04

If it is during a home renovation or if you are concerned about household products, building materials, etc. (such as formaldehyde) releasing harmful gases in your home. In these cases, using an activated carbon filter to remove odors in the short term is an acceptable option. However, in the long run, the cost is higher.

Activated carbon air filter, mainly used for industrial filtration such as exhaust gas filtration before the exhaust gas emission of painting workshop or electronic plant or various ventilation systems such as fresh air purification and exhaust gas emission. It separates and removes odor (bad smell) and harmful gases from the air and purifies the air of working environment.

SFFILTECH reminds you that dust, fumes, chemical substances, odors, welding gases or other air impurities generated by mechanical production and handling in industrial processes, various functional operations and industrial facilities are mixed into indoor air to adversely affect the lives of employees, leading to low work efficiency and, in the worst case, even to employee health problems.Effective air purification of supply and exhaust air through activated carbon filters is a decisive factor in preventing employee health problems, increasing productivity and reducing costs in many production processes.

SFFILTECH has rich experience in filter development and production, and is a production company integrating R&D, production, sales and service, dedicated to providing air purification solutions and filtration products for industries such as electronic plants, semiconductors, liquid crystal displays, biopharmaceuticals, food, petrochemical industries, clean rooms, hospitals, rail transportation, automotive painting, commercial and civil buildings. Our business has spread to more than 50 countries and regions around the world and is highly appreciated and recognized by customers at home and abroad. Welcome to visit us at any time.

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