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Shanghai Air filter manufacturer negotiate air filter

Time: 2023-01-11

1, choose the filter with large effective filter area

The actual area of air flow through the filter material is called "effective filtration area". In addition to a small number of low efficiency filters, the effective filter area is often several times the windward side of the filter, dozens of times, sometimes up to one hundred times. The captured dust is mostly concentrated on the windward side of the filter material. The effective filter area in the air filter is large, the dust can accommodate more, and the service life of the filter is long. The effective area is large, the wind speed across the unit area is low, and the filter resistance is small. Increasing the effective filter area is the most significant means to extend the service life of the filter.

Experience shows that for the same structure, the same filter material filter, when the final resistance is determined: filter material area increased by 50%, the service life of the filter will be extended by 70% ~ 80%; The service life of the filter is about 3 times as long as the original one. Of course, the possibility of increasing the effective filtration area should be considered according to the specific structure and site conditions of the filter. Bag filter, for example, can increase the number of filter bags and filter bag length; For the traditional filter with separator, it can be discussed with the manufacturer to reduce the separator interval to increase the pleat number of filter paper; For the project in the design, you can choose the type of air filter that can accommodate the filter material.

2, compare the fiber diameter, coarse filtering performance

In the filtration process, the fiber is an obstacle to dust. Fine fiber, the number of fiber per unit volume is more; More fiber, higher filtration efficiency. The movement of air flow around the fiber produces energy consumption, which is manifested as the resistance of the fiber to the air flow. Two materials with the same filtration efficiency have high resistance of coarse fiber and low resistance of fine fiber. In addition to being blocked by fibers, dust can also be blocked by previously captured dust. Therefore, dust on the surface of fibers is loosely accumulated in a "dendritic structure," in which fibers are "stems" and dust is "branches." The more fiber, the more dendritic structure can be formed, the more dust can be contained per unit area, and the longer service life of the filter. With more fibers, the space between fibers is small, the dendritic structure formed by dust is firm, and the possibility of secondary pollution caused by dust collection is small.

The same thickness, the same looseness of the two filter material, fine fiber filter material filtration efficiency is high, fine fiber filter material dust capacity is large. The same efficiency, the same structure, two pieces of filter material composed of different fibers, low resistance of fine fiber filter material

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