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Precautions for installing high efficiency filters in hospitals

Time: 2022-07-08

When replacing high efficiency air filters in hospital clean operating rooms, it is forbidden to contaminate the operating rooms with dust and glue from the high efficiency filters, and to seal them well when they are sealed.

SFFILTECH recommends you to test whether the cleanliness of the initial installation is achieved after updating the high efficiency filter, if not, you can use a dust particle counter to measure it:

a. The problem of the filter itself.

b. The filter and the installation box is not well sealed.

If you are not sure, you can contact SFFILTECH togive a cleaning solution.

SFFILTECH reminds you that before the installation ofhigh efficiency air filters in the operating room, the following conditions should be in place:

1, clean room building decoration and piping routes have been completed construction and acceptance;

2, clean room has been fully cleaned, wipe clean, clean air conditioning system has been cleaned and continuous test run for more than 12h;

3,High-efficiency filter installation site and related parts have been cleaned and wiped clean;

4,High-efficiency filter should be inspected visually, the frame, filter paper, sealant, etc. should not be deformed, fractured, fall off and other damage;

High efficiency filter belongs to hospital purification consumables, the following issues must be noted when installing high efficiency filter;

1, in the transport and storage of high-efficiency filters, should be set aside inaccordance with the direction of the manufacturer's logo. During transportation, it should be lightly handled and placed to prevent violent vibration and collision, so as not to cause artificial damage.

2,Before the installation of high-efficiency filter, the clean room must be cleaned, wiped, purified air conditioning system internal dust accumulation, should be cleaned and wiped again, to achieve clean requirements. If the high efficiency filter is installed in the technical mezzanine or ceiling, the technical mezzanine or ceiling should also be fully cleaned and wiped.

3, clean room and purified air conditioning system to clean requirements, purified air conditioning system must be test run. More than 12h continuous operation, clean and wipe the clean room again immediately after the installation of high-efficiency filters.

At present, most of the domestic filters are installed by the gasket method, because the sponge rubber sheet is closed-hole type and has good air tightness, so it is generally used as the sealing material. SFFILTECH recommends that you, if necessary, it is best to evenly hit the glass glue on the seal. When connecting the filter to the hydrostatic box, the force should be evenly applied all around. Allow 24 hours for the glass glue to dry before running the purification system.

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