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Note for the selection of primary paper frame filter

Time: 2023-04-13

Note for the selection of primary paper frame filter

Primary paper frame filter

The primary effect paper frame filter is also known as the crude effect paper frame filter, because of the paper frame structure of its outer frame. As the pre-filter, Jiefeiran primary effect paper frame filter is widely used in all kinds of industrial production, buildings, medical places, ocean ships clean air conditioning or clean ventilation system, with good pre-filtration effect, so the cost is low and the treatment can be environmentally friendly. And installation, replacement, maintenance and other advantages, is widely used. (Shanghai Primary air Filter manufacturer)

Primary paper frame filter

Selected (Shanghai primary air filter manufacturer) Primary paper frame filter product characteristics:

1. Chemical fiber, cotton fiber chemical fiber blended material, 14 pleats/ft, stable efficiency, filter material can contain flame retardant components;

2. The air outlet surface of filter material is covered with metal mesh, with high overall strength;

3. Imported high humidity resistant cardboard frame;

4. The paper surface of the outer frame adopts honeycomb design, low wind resistance, high strength, effective protection of the filter material;

5. Continuous and stable operating temperature is not higher than 100℃;

6. Non-standard size can be customized

Structure characteristics of paper frame filter

Why choose a primary filter with paper frame material?

1. In some working conditions, the initial effect filter uses a short time to reach the final resistance, the maintenance time is short, so the short service life drives to reduce the cost of frame materials as much as possible, Niu card paper is the best choice; (Shanghai Primary air Filter manufacturer)

2. Comply with the basis of environmental protection back treatment;

3. Light weight, easy to transport, thin paper card material, can accommodate the filter element fold height is higher, the total area of the filter element is larger.

Paper frame filter

What is the efficiency level and resistance of the primary paper frame filter?

1. Shanghai SFFILTECH Primary paper frame Filter including G3-G4 efficiency level;

2. The conventional size includes 592*592 full size and 287*592 half size. The conventional thickness offers two kinds of 45/95.

The 3.45/75 full-size primary paper frame filter has excellent performance with initial resistance of only 62 and 54 at 3400CMH air volume. (Shanghai Primary air Filter manufacturer)

Paper frame filter efficiency parameter

Shanghai SFFILTECH Initial effect paper frame filter, through the optimization of the structure design so that the effective filter area is larger, low resistance, low energy consumption

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