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Medium efficiency air filter size selection method

Time: 2024-01-29

Medium efficiency air filter size selection method

With more and more attention to air quality, air filters have become an important equipment to solve air quality problems. Among them, the medium efficiency filter is a kind of air filter, and the size parameter of the efficiency air filter needs our attention. This article will introduce you in detail to help you choose the right filter to ensure the air quality of the working environment, as follows:

Medium air filter size

In addition to the conventional size, the manufacturer also supports non-standard customization, has solved the purification problem of different enterprises, the medium effect filter is a kind of air filter with high filtration efficiency, mainly used to capture particles in the air between 1 and 10 microns in diameter, such as dust, pollen, bacteria and so on. It is composed of multiple layers of highly efficient filter materials, which can effectively purify the air and ensure that the pollutants in the air meet the relevant national regulations.

One of the main performance parameters of the medium effect filter, used to measure the filter effect on different particles. In general, the higher the filtration efficiency, the better the purification effect of the filter. The filtration efficiency of common medium-effect filters is generally above 85%.

Select medium efficiency air filter size according to the space size: according to the actual installation environment space size, select the appropriate medium efficiency filter size specifications to ensure the normal operation of the filter. Choosing the right medium effect filter is an important link to ensure indoor air quality. By understanding the specifications of the filter, we can better choose the suitable filter, ensure that the air quality meets the standard, and improve the degree and health of the working environment.

Medium air filter size

Air filters are recognized by more and more people, it improves air quality and ensures people's health, and has been widely used, such as medicine, food and other industries are inseparable from all kinds of efficiency filters

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