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Maintenance information sharing of high efficiency air filter equipment

Time: 2021-08-16

High-efficiency air filter is a device widely used in modern industries. With the improvement of people's requirements for air quality and the high requirements of some processing environments for production air quality, the role of this equipment is becoming more and more important. However, many In the process of use, users did not pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment, which led to the rapid aging of the equipment and the reduced filtering effect. Therefore, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment. Next, we will introduce you to high-efficiency air. The maintenance information of the filter, through our introduction, hope that everyone can gain something.

During the use of the high-efficiency air filter, the filter screen plays the most important role inside, and after the filter screen is used for a period of time, there will be a certain amount of dust accumulation. If the filter is blocked, the filter effect may be severe, and the filter hole may be completely blocked, and the equipment can no longer be used. Therefore, in this regard, we recommend that you do a good job of regular cleaning of the filter. It is best to equip with special cleaning tools and cleaning agents. The staff can better clean the filter without causing damage to it.

In the process of use, many users may be greedy and directly use some cleaning agents with strong degreasing and decontamination capabilities to clean, which may cause corrosion of the filter, which is not conducive to its service life. Furthermore, sharp The tool is washed, it is easy to cause the deformation of the filter hole. For these

Everyone should avoid matters and don't go into misunderstandings.

For each connection of the high-efficiency air filter, always check. Why? The box of the internal dust collector has many joints or observation ports. These places are soft sealed. If the sealing is not good, then there will be air leakage during use, which will affect the filtering effect. Therefore, we build

It is recommended that you always observe whether there is any air leakage when using it, so as not to affect production.

For the storage of high-efficiency air filters, there is also a certain degree of particularity. Many users use equipment, which may be phased. When they are not needed, they may randomly place the equipment in a corner, allowing it to accumulate dust, moisture, etc., and consider maintenance. The use of equipment is very unfavorable. Therefore, everyone should pay attention that it is best to put a dust bag on the outer layer and place the equipment in a dry and ventilated environment to ensure that there will be no problems in storage. The above is the information we have brought to you about the maintenance of high-efficiency air filters. I hope you can pay more attention to these matters.

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