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Liquid filter bag range

Time: 2023-03-14

Liquid filter bag range

1. Food and drink

Beer, wine, fruit wine, sake, white wine, rice wine, fruit juice, bottled water, tea drinks, soy milk, dairy products, cooking oil, vinegar, MSG and other food additives production process purification and aseptic disposal.

2. Biological Engineering and Medicine

Infusion (LVP and SVP) pharmaceutical water, process gas, biological products plasma serum, various pharmaceutical central body, pharmaceutical raw materials, solvent filtration, CIP filtration, fermenting tank intake and tail gas removal filtration.

3. Petrochemical and Chemical industry

Lubricating oil, jet coal and all kinds of oil, catalyst, viscose, polymer, resin, hydrogen peroxide, chemical fiber production process of all kinds of fluid purification, valuable chemical center products and chemical products separation recovery.

4. Automobile production

Electrophoretic paint, pretreatment solution, topcoat, ultrafiltration water, engine crankshaft coolant, vehicle spray water, process gas for spray painting and spray painting room gas purification.

5. Oil and Gas

Separation and purification of natural gas and refinery, CNG filtration of gas station, amine desulfurization and dehydration solvent filtration, oilfield water injection and completion, workover, acidizing liquid filter bag filtration

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