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Laboratory clean engineering color steel partition technical requirements

Time: 2023-08-21

Laboratory clean engineering color steel partition technical requirements

Laboratory clean engineering color steel plate partition height and noise requirements: laboratory clean room engineering ceiling and air clear height of 3 meters, clean room noise ≤60dB. Laboratory clean engineering color steel plate partition relative humidity: 40% ~ 60%, temperature 22±3, summer does not exceed the high limit, winter is not lower than the low limit.

Color steel plate wall, ceiling: The partition wall of the clean room is made of high-quality double-sided composite sandwich purified color steel plate, and the glass window partition wall. The partition wall shall be insulated, sound-proof, anti-corrosion, fireproof and easy to clean and disinfect. The intersection between the color steel plate wall surface and the air and the color steel plate wall surface is treated with an arc arc of epoxy resin sprayed aluminum alloy with a radius of not less than 30mm. Color steel seam should be sealed disposal. The sealant shall be imported medical sealant, and shall not produce volatile toxic gases.

The outer coating of the color steel plate, the arc epoxy resin spraying data and the joint sealing data must have anti-static properties to avoid harmful particles being adsorbed to the wall surface. Color plate device must be tested before pendulum. The aisle partition wall is made of half-height double-layer tempered glass Windows treated with imported alumina (double-layer glass contains adjustable aluminum alloy louvers). The thickness of the glass is 8mm, and the lower edge is 1100mm away from the ground. 12mm sandblasted tempered glass is used from the outer wall.

Color steel plate wall installation process: install an M6 shrink bolt every 1200mm to fix the color steel plate aluminum groove, the degree difference of the aluminum groove shall not be more than 3mm, and shall not affect the color steel plate device. The color steel plate is vertically stuck into the aluminum groove, and the electrical wire tube device is cooperated during the stuck process, and the wire tube must be vertically inserted into the color steel plate. Insert color steel plate must maintain the smooth color steel plate, must not be due to the installation of electrical pipes to make the color steel plate sag. After the color steel plate is stuck into the aluminum slot, the L-shaped Angle iron of 50mm×50mm is hung from the ceiling floor through the self-tapping screw to set the color steel plate. L-shaped Angle iron must be welded to 45° diagonal brace to avoid the degree of color plate shaking after installation.

In the clean room project, all gaps on the surface of the envelope structure (joint, wire transmission hole, pipe through the wall, nail hole, and all other opening seal cover edges) should be sealed. Great attention must be paid to the tightness of the gap. After the completion of the device, all handover positions must be handled by the device arc, and no sanitary dead corners shall be produced.

Wall specifications: thickness of 50mm (single-sided color steel plate), width of 1200mm, length can be designed according to the height of the room, wall strength performance: When the pressure difference between the two sides of the 5-meter-high wall panel is 40Pa, the bending level is less than 2 mm /m, the thickness of 0.6mm color composite steel plate, the sandwich data is 50mm glass magnesium plate, and the filling density is greater than 110kg/m. The fire resistance limit of the wall should be greater than 1 hour, conform to the GB50045-95 rules of a fire-resistant grade building room non-load-bearing exterior wall, the fire resistance of the partition wall on both sides of the scattered walkway, the roof method: 50mm thick internal filled glass magnesium plate can be filled with color steel plate continuous ceiling; The bearing capacity is more than 150KG/m2 per unit area load, the plate adopts the groove type connection, and the keel can adopt the "ancient" font hiding keel; Exterior color steel plate thickness of 0.6mm all wall and ceiling, wall and wall corners are arc connection, 1.2mm thick aluminum alloy connection, the curvature radius of the negative Angle 50mm, the curvature radius of the positive Angle 70mm, laminates and Yin and Yang Angle accessories using champagne color electroplated profiles.

Clean room special PVC rubber air: DNA clean room using clean room special PVC coil, thickness ≥2mm, air and wall using R≥50mm arc connection, special clean room PVC rubber air has a safe and non-toxic, pollution resistance, chemical resistance effect, easy to clean, PVC rubber air joint using a special welding rod seamless connection, the color should be in the winning unit after the entry, Color according to the customer.

Wall and cylinder surface: wall and partition are made of glass magnesium sandwich color steel plate, the specification is 50mm thick, the steel plate thickness is 0.6mm, aluminum alloy profile connection has excellent aesthetics, easy to clean and construction, the curvature radius of the negative Angle is 50mm, the curvature radius of the positive Angle is 70mm, and the accessories such as laminates and Yin and Yang angles are made of champagne color electroplated profiles.

Steel doors, steel Windows:

1, the wall, door frame wrapping (bucket board, face), using =1mm304 sanding (brushed) stainless steel, each door hinge is stainless steel, the number of not less than three, the final number and specifications of doors and Windows, should be reviewed after the winning unit entered, according to the plan of each building and the site.

2, the door plate: 50mm thick, 0.6mm high-quality galvanized steel plate, filled with glass magnesium plate, and the steel plate is fully bonded to ensure the strength of the door plate, 2 Pingan steel pins, 3 sides of PVC. The color of the door panel is finally determined by the owner.

3, door frame: moment frame, built-in connecting Angle, 45 degree splicing, 1.2mm thick high-quality aluminum alloy profile, sealing slot embedded EPDM seal strip.

4, hardware accessories: high quality hidden insert two-stage lock body, high quality lock core, black engineering plastic arc fireproof handle, joint cover plate, double door fixed fan with the whole dark latch. The door hinge device is flush with the door frame without protrusion for easy cleaning.

5, the door with rounded window, window glass is fixed with steel glass strips, strips and Yin and Yang Angle accessories are champagne color electroplated profiles; The window glass should be tempered safety glass. The size of the window is referred to the design drawing. The thickness of the glass is not less than 6mm. The door is equipped with a door closing device, which should make the door close automatically and gently.

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