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How to extend the life of filter cotton?

Time: 2022-07-07

Filter cotton must be familiar to everyone, it is mainly used in the equipment, to play the effect of filtration. Because of its material this province using non-woven, low cost, but efficient filtration, in all walks of life have been the application. Not only purify the equipment, but also reduce the energy consumption of enterprises, greatly saving the financial and human investment.Primary filter cotton, is one of the filter cotton, it is mainly for the initial filtration of impurities, the primary filtration of dust, large particles of molecules. More and more companies are beginning to useSFFILTECH primary filter cotton, efficient filtration, the cost is not too high, recognized by consumers.

SFFILTECH to introduce you to theprimary filter cotton, mainly using non-woven, high fiber material and other filtering materials, because its filtering material is not the same, its filtering performance is not the same. Users in the process of purchase should read the product instructions carefully to see which kind of material the filter material is. To choose the right product according to their own situation, not blindly pursue low prices, often low-priced products do not hate the high performance, and its after-sales service is also no guarantee. In the choice, the brand of the primary filter cotton, in the late maintenance and after-sales service will have a certain degree of protection, and the performance of the product is relatively higher, the service life will be longer.

Speaking of service life, theprimary filter cotton to have a longer service life, you must know how to do a good job in the use of post-maintenance and maintenance work. As the primary filter cotton itself is the use of high-density non-woven or fiber material, so in the late cleaning, as long as the water can be rinsed. Can not use detergent or brush cleaning, that is easy to destroy the filter network, affecting the filter performance. After cleaning, put it in a cool place to dry, not to be exposed to the sun, otherwise high temperature will also cause damage to the filter media. Only know how to maintain, will give maximum play to its own filtration performance.

Primary filter cotton, low cost, high performance, and therefore popular. The product itself is also step by step to improve the quality, improve the quality of service, so that consumers buy more cost-effective products. Today, the use of primary filter cotton in enterprises, greatly reducing the cost of enterprises, saving energy, but also to make a contribution to national energy conservation and environmental protection.SFFILTECH is committed to providing the right primary filter cotton, clean and healthy to everyone.

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